Android L Problems, Pros and Cons

Android L would be the next major update which is already unveiled at Google I/O. This time Google is going to completely change the UI and bring out something more unique for the users. But there are ample of things that Google is missing out. There are various thing which are not proper when we got hands on Developer Preview. If it is kept as it is, users can face issues in future. I am going to mentioned those things here in detail. Many mobile device enthusiasts are very excited with the coming updates. But we are only targeting the features. What are the other things which are missing. Like about future OTA updates or are the manufacturer ready to except this new changes, etc.

Android L  might come with the stock rom but those who are already using an optimized version of android operating system won’t get much benefits. There can be ample of negative impacts of this new design. Like you are having a bit less detail screen. The UI can give you a common experience but it can be difficult to use the same on small size screen. For android wear where the screen is more smaller, it will be nearly impossible to read updates. There must be more improvements on the same. The update is going to come with the Nexus phone which is optimized for its hardware. What about others? So these are the things which are essential to consider. You can check the complete Android L Review here for more info about this update. Now, lets checkout more pros and cons.

Android L Review

OTA Updates issue:

This is something new and the manufacturers here have to work back again on the entire stuff creating a new UI. There are chances that it will be complicated for them to modify this. Because this will mess with the entire UI. The new version looks like might be skipped by many. Like HTC is already in the process with releasing new device that will have this Android L  while others are not much interested. So some will get the new UI while some will not. Google can release this update as some kind of launcher on Google Play directly. So that if you don’t want you can skip it. Most of the manufacturer would have issue embedding the update on their phone.

Android Security:

Google is not working more no improving the phone security instead they are busy with making the ui better. Android is one of the most vulnerable platform and till today the issue is same. So here Google must work hard to make android more and more secure. New UI means more new bugs and vulnerabilities. That can affect the reputation more. This simply means some top manufacturers are going to skip using this as they had already worked on the existing android version making it better. The UI usually has a Blackberry-style system. That means you have your work and personal usage both at the same screen. But with that security concern also rises. Google must do something to block malware access on this platform.

Messaging and Google Voice:

Till yet there are too many flaws in Android devices. Like you don’t have a any impressive messaging system. Google Hangout is linked with the Gmail account and it can be your default message handler but the UI is not so great. There can confusing between using the same. Google must work to clean up hangout make more better and easy for users to use. And then comes the voice recognition part. The voice control is not so great where ample of people are not really interested using voice commands.

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