Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Walkthrough

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

COD a legacy of war games yet roaming out freely with new edition. Black Ops 2 features a lot new stuff giving a more competitive approach to the actual gameplay. Loaded with new action and weapons you are not on the grounds of extreme warfare where situation changes in seconds. Loaded with storyline for single player mode, you might not feel alone while playing, while the multiplayer session puts more intense actions on the way. Ample of time the sequel is not rewarded well due to the same type of things are continued with some icing but this sequel is different and better. Black Ops 2 is different in the sense of futuristic ideology.

Rescuing hijacked US military infrastructure and harnessing the power of robotic technology this time engages the player more in action. You are just not the person which keeps on moving with same old weapons. Sophisticated vehicles and weapons make it newer and better. Black Ops 2 lies in a between the thin line of futuristic and realistic war-game. Lets checkout a short guide on each mission:

Mission 1: Phrrhic Victory:

The first mission is not at all complicated. There are certain process of securing the area and then your co-player smoke light to inform stuffs are done. The level starts with killing the soldier who is in possession of mortars. Watch and move silently without raising the alert. With proper presence of mind you would be able to bring all of them done one by one. You find some ammunition look for a vehicle which is on fire. In the shallow crater is information No. 1. By joining with the helicopter barge where Woods is selected, secure the area from the containers.

Forward, climb the ladder to the left and then retrieve the information No. 2 which is lying in the corner of the right wall. Kill the soldier on radio and then run into the forest along the river while taking the way through woods. After defending a position, Hudson launches a smoke off to continue the flight. Now immediately climb the ladder against the tree on the left in order to obtain information on the 3 wooden platforms. Note that after this, your teammate prepares booby traps then you will come across a small waterfall.

Mission 2: Celerium:

You will be in a wing suit here. You need to land on the proper place and start attacking. Prevent the drones to takeoff of from the runway. But before preceding the next things you have to do is a approach flying vehicle under a tarp and then enter the room to the left where the information is stored. Just after entering the research center in the secondary structure in the temple, equip yourself with a combination of camouflage.

In the lobby you will find a robot assistant. Destroy it. Once calm, since the beginning of the room, turn left twice to enter a room where you will find information on a desk against the left wall. Once the scientist Erik out of a small container, defend the area with enemies. Then open the double doors to steal the chip celerium. The scientist dies here. So go to the extraction point. In the large room, turn left towards the small stairs. Collect information from the table in front of you on the back wall.

Mission 3: Old Wounds:

Upon entering the cave, you talk to the rebels the strategy against the Russians, along with Hudson and Chinese Zhao. But the conversation is interrupted by an enemy attack. Before exiting, take the information on a crate to the right. After reaching the point of defense west, destroyed Soviet BTR inside and blew up an explosive charge buried turn around on horseback in order to protect the main base.

Go straight then turn right towards the enemy tanks and defend the area. Notice the presence at the intersection in front of you, a box of ammunition and a red flag. At his feet lies the information. . After protecting the main base, your new goal is to do the same with the arms cache. By approaching on horseback, just before passing under the suspension bridge, go to the cave on the right near an imposing statue because the information is at the entrance. Think before destroying helicopters.

Mission 4: Time and Fate:

At the helm, you have to rescue Josefina and kill all you find on the way. You will eventually pass a shed on fire from which horses run once the door is open. There you will find Information on the cart just before the exit. Back as Mason, clean village cartel. Approaching the house Menendez after jumping from a balcony, eliminate the enemies, but do not enter the court.

Rather enter the tower to the right, climb the successive scales and collect information No. 11 on the floor just below the summit where a sniper rifle can be used. Just after taking the above information, the team enters the home and in the laboratory of cocaine. Drain then place all soldiers. Once done, since the first large room where you had resulted, climb the few steps across, turn left and retrieve the information on the bench against the wall right). It will then go out into the courtyard via a ladder.

Mission 5: Fallen Angel:

From the beginning of the mission, your automatic vehicle smashes the door and move ahead. For you, turn to the right to view information on a shelf. After the bus is avoided narrowly avoided get up in the company of Harper then immediately turn right, the information is placed on the wreckage. Advancing stealthily down the drain passing under Anthem undetected by drones crisscrossing the area, you will eventually see in front of you a ruined building with the sign cut in two "Bank" and "Ore”. Follow Harper until the rubble collapsed a few meters at information found there.

Mission 6: Karma:

In this mission you have to infiltrate Colossus a building where you will eventually use Ziggy the spider to access the server room via retinal scan. Kill the soldiers inside. Keep following your teammate but before interacting with the computer of the Central Archives, collect the information on the right desktop. When Karma was kidnapped by men Menendez, you leave the nightclub to lead the mall. On the ground floor, go to the store "Cafi" with brown sign facing you.

Turn right into the store "Ho” to obtain information behind the counter. Shortly after the Mall, you reach on a huge circular outdoor area with palm trees, rocks and pools. Arriving in a dome in the center with a swimming pool, it is destroyed. Pass it and follow the right path while watching the information, easily forgettable, placed on one of the many counters.

Mission 7: Suffer with Me:

After securing the roof of a warehouse, you sneak through the canopy. Leading to a hallway, follow him while fighting enemies to face a staircase. But before going, check the information among the many boxes of the large bookshelf against the left wall. For the purpose Escort Noriega checkpoint of the army, about 100 meters from the marker leading to a medical center, you approach an old red church. To also be able to see a building with a large sign red “Gran Fans Herramientas” .

From here, follow the left path; you can enter a building in ruins tagged at the entrance. An information based on the counter on the left. Just entered the Centro Medico follow Mason pushing Noriega. But before turning to follow the corridor to the left, then go into the room opposite to find information near the sink. A few steps away, you try to save a young woman before you get mugged.

Mission 8: Achilles Veil:

When Menendez addresses the people clumped in the courtyard of the palace, it is quickly interrupted by the arrival of the Americans. Once the crowd disappeared, fight some enemies and go right under the arches. Then enter the structure through the first door facing you. Information is simply placed on the ground. Commands Mason, Harper exceed alive near his vehicle destroys air. Follow the only road through town until you see the arches on the right.

Then enter the next house on the left . Information are extremely well hidden behind some crates. Leaving the city, your team through an area a little more rocky and earthy towards the citadel, just before a bridge. Follow the path and then, reaching near a house, get to it. Without going up the stairs against the housing, turn left and climbs the ladder. Information to the left of the tank.

Mission 9: Odysseus:

On board the USS Barack Obama lead the interrogation. Unfortunately, the situation quickly turns sour: you are attacked; Menendez is released and knocks you out. Once awakened, defend yourself while reaching the control room. After destroying the turret which had attacked you enter the main room. Exit through the opening at the bottom right to retrieve information at the end of terminal control that you must then interact. Menendez reached when the primary server and then threatening Admiral Virus’s computer systems, you take control of Mason.

After passing your commander (dead or only wounded in the leg of your choice), a few steps down the following, cross the room, but before going through the door, up the stairs to the right leading to a table based information. Seeking to join the VTOL to evacuate, your teammate kills the traitor Salazar. Once reached the bridge, walk a few meters and turn right. Pass the first drone transport to the second approach where the information placed up from the inside as from the outside.

Mission 10: Cordis Die:

After using antiaircraft turret, choose to go down when you have two options. At this point, a truck tumbling down your back to stop a little further. At the panel “Freeway Evac Route” on the highway, turn left towards the yellow car on fire because the information No. 28 lying on the ground in front of the vehicle. After a truck has hit you, you wake up and you lift from a police brigade. Turn immediately left to destroy CLAW.

But before that, enter in the “Hotel Kaylor” left, in front of a car accident. Information is placed on the counter in front of the entrance under the banner. Just after destroying the last CLAW, enter the mall “Shops at the Plaza” . Climb the stairs straight ahead collect information on the shelf kiosk right “Wes’s favorite T-shirt”.

Mission 11: Judgment Day

From the beginning of the mission, look and layout, despite the numerous enemies. There are actually different numbered buildings. Knowing this, walk, climb to the top of the slope to face the No. 26 block and turn right. Cross the plaza still going to the right to enter the No. 27. Climb the stairs and then retrieve the information No. 31 on the desk at the bottom right. In reaching the control room so huge NASA, past the first row of bleachers.

At the second you in the third line in order to see the information No. 32. In reaching a circular room with four pillars to blue grooves, a kind of storage room celerium, pass the stairs on your right and get off at the generator yellow lamp. Turn left and follow the path until you reach No. 33 information on the furniture).

Congratulations ! You completed Black Ops 2. If you need any further help or have any suggestion, leave a comment below. In case you face any technical problem with the game check out the Troubleshooting Guide.

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