Why are Slope Games So Addictive? 

Video games are currently the most popular form of entertainment around the world. Every day, the number of players who spend hours in front of a computer, PlayStation, or on their smartphone playing their favorite games is growing. Although counter-strike, fortnight, and WoW seem to be the only ones in the world, considering the great popularity among players, we shouldn’t ignore the slopes that have always been the subject of interest of many players. Slops may not stand out for a complicated action that requires high strategic skills or teamwork, but they are characterized by that relaxing moment that rests the brain and that people love because they need it after a hard day. But what is it about them that causes addiction? What is it that makes you play over and over again? What is it that won’t let you stop? If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t stop playing these games and neglect other social aspects of your life because of it, we may have the answer for you.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just happening to you. Many struggle with this addiction and cannot explain to themselves why there is so much need to spend hours with a joystick or a smart device in their hands. Here are some explanations.

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Constant chase for a new score

There is something in people that constantly motivates them to overcome themselves and cross new boundaries. Slopes definitely encourage that and create the need to quickly find ourselves on the next level. Here it is all about the desire to reach a new score. The race for new points, the desire for the ball to stay on the given path are what bring the feeling of addiction.

“Wait a second, please,” “I’m coming soon,” “It’ll only take two more minutes,” are probably sentences your family and friends will often hear from you as you rush toward a new score. New points can bring you personal satisfaction that we will talk about later or something that you will be able to brag about to your friends later. On the other hand, you are constantly trying to beat yourself and that motivates you to stay in the game until you achieve that goal.

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The feeling of satisfaction when we successfully move to the next level

Everyone loves that feeling of satisfaction when they reach the goal or simply reach the next level thanks to the excellent results in the previous round. For this feeling to be constant, the players continue to play the game until they reach the set goal. Not noticing that they can’t stop so easily.

Most people struggle with stressful days at work, which often creates a feeling of dissatisfaction, frustration, and as if they are standing still, not making progress. That’s why they want the feeling that they were successful in something, even in crossing the levels in a relaxing evening game.

Hence the need to pass a large number of levels and rounds in order to reach the goal as soon as possible. This is followed by a sense of fulfillment that will make us set new goals for ourselves and come back again in a few days to push the boundaries.

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We generally do not dare to take bigger risks in real life, but in the gaming world everything is allowed and that is why most players will not miss the opportunity to take risks. You know that moment when you hear a train approaching the rails in a game and you want your little man to cross the railroad just then? Although you are aware that you are far from the real world with your thoughts, it does not eliminate the adrenaline rush and the feeling of excitement.

So, the risk is often associated with the excitement that everyone wants more in their life. Slopes just provide a sense of excitement and a unique gaming experience that will lead you to keep coming back to it over and over again. So over time, you become addicted without even noticing. Of course, it doesn’t have to be bad and it can’t be bad as long as you enjoy it.

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It provides entertainment and doesn’t require too much focus

Unlike many other strategy video games that are currently very popular in the world and that require good teamwork on which victory depends, in this case, you can relax. Slopes do not involve any complicated rules or difficult tasks to solve that will further tire you and require additional activation of brain functions.

In this case, the player is not required to be constantly focused. Of course, you need to follow the course of the game but here and there some sound from the side, text messages, or conversation should not jeopardize the outcome.

On the other hand, you have all the entertainment you need and that’s great! Minimal focus with maximum fun leaves you room to invite friends to join you to enjoy together.

This will be a motive for gathering with friends in the next period as well, and so in time, no one will notice that he has become addicted.

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Monotonous levels eliminate the possibility of fatigue

As we mentioned earlier, this game will not require maximum concentration from you like those that require you to follow the action with focus. According to Slope Unblocked World, these are monotonous levels, a simple interface, and almost the same graphic display at any time that will be known to you once you get used to it,

This is another thing that often leads players to return to the slopes because they eliminate the possibility of creating additional fatigue. This is very important for all those players who spend a lot of time at work in a stressful environment who just want to relax when they get to their home with some simple things.

Slope games can indeed be very addictive but when you know where it comes from, it will be easier for you to control it. On the other hand, there are also many positive aspects such as a relaxing moment, a sense of satisfaction and excitement, and of course a lot of fun. Keep enjoying it but just be careful not to overdo it.

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