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The Cleaner apk

No matter how high end smartphone or tablet you buy. There will be a time when it starts slowing down or get out of storage. This is obviously because the apps we install leaves so many junks and cache files behind them that not only consume the storage but also eats up the RAM that hampers the performance of your device. To deal with every memory, storage or privacy related problems, there is an All-in-One free app, called ‘The Cleaner’.

The app comes with simple and clean User Interface along with several handy features. Apart from freeing up Memory and storage, The Cleaner also takes care of your privacy by bringing up the list of installed applications having unnecessary permissions. That’s correct. The app filters all your applications based on camera, locations, sms, calls, and other permissions they are using. This is very helpful. I personally found some apps on my smartphone surprisingly using Camera or Calls permission which is nowhere related to them at all. I’ve listed them all in my Review of ‘The Cleaner’. There are many more such important features the app has to offer. Let’s let’s take a quick look at its highlights.

The Cleaner – Highlights:

  • Boosting Memory : One tap cleaning up the memory by killing resource hungry apps in background.
  • Storage Cleanup : It free ups storage by deleting junk files, unwanted cache as well as unused files like APKs.
  • Smart Application Manager : It lets you sort out installed applications in as per their usage and lets you batch uninstall all those unwanted apps
  • Privacy Control : Let’s you sort apps that need unnecessary permission such as Call, SMS, Location, Camera, and Contacts.
  • Conversation Cleaner : The app brings you list of all sent and received phone call records beyond time limitation that are cluttering up the device.
  • Scheduled Maintenance : You don’t get time to look after your phone? No worries. Scheduled the app to take care and optimize your smartphone.
  • One Tap Widgets : Place the small widget on your main screen. Tap it and the phone is ready to take off at full speed.
  • Themes : Dont like the UI color? Change it as per your preference.

We get all these for no cost. The Cleaner is a Free app available to download for your Android Tablets and Smartphones. You can download its APK file from below or get it from PlayStore by click the provided link.

The Cleaner apkDownload APK | Download from PlayStore

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