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Rocket VPN apk

In today’s Internet world, everybody is concerned about his/her privacy and security for online activities. Specially when we connect our smartphones or tablets to WiFi networks at Cafe, Airport or so. Are these WiFi networks really safe to keep your mobile data or your identity safe? Well, i have a strong doubt. But there is a small app that makes you completely anonymous by encrypting your network and lets you browse the web securely and anonymously.

It is Rocket VPN. Developed by Liquidum, Rocket VPN is a strong proxy shield for your Android devices that costs nothing. Yes, it is a free app offering you 500MB bandwidth every month with over 10 secured servers around the globe. You can easily switch between different locations in just a single tap. Rocket VPN easy to use and works great. There’s not a single settings a user need to go through, neither we had to go under troubleshooting. You can check all the Features and Review of Rocket VPN here.

If you are frequent VPN user and feel 500MB very short, the app also offers you unlimited bandwidth package for Trail. You can test out the premium bandwidth for a week and decide whether to buy or not. Well, it costs just $29.99 a year, or $2.99 a month. To me it sounds very cheap as per the performance i got. You can download Rocket VPN easily from PlayStore or get the APK file directly from the below link.

Rocket VPN apkDownload Rocket VPN APK | Download from PlayStore

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