Instagram Boomerang APK – Create GIF like Looping Videos

Instagram Boomerang APK

Instagram today launched yet another interesting app called “Boomerang”. Pictures become more amazing when its made funny. Boomerang is here to make your pictures and memories funnier. With just one tap, the app takes a burst of images and combines them in one to make 1 second looping video that plays forward and backward. This is not a GIF, but very much like a GIF. For example, click a photo while your friend is blowing up his birthday candle, and then watch how Boomerang makes the Candle go and come up again in life. According to Apexfollowers, GIFs could be very effective tool for a social media campaign. So, use tools such as Boomerang in the proper manner, because attractive GIFs can bring a lot followers and likes to your profile. Especially if you use these for interesting Instagram stories.

Boomerang can shoot in both portrait or landscape mode and allows you to share the created looping videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. It also gets stored in your gallery. Boomerang is now available to download for Android and iOS. Download now by clicking the links below. You can also download the Boomerang APK file for your Android devices right away from this page it self in a single click.

Instagram Boomerang APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore | Download from iTunes

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