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Skyhill Cheats

Skyhill is a Role Playing Game developed by The Mandragora Team for PCs. It is a bit horror game where you are stuck between mutants in a hotel called Skyhill. These mutants are really dangerous and seems hungry to rip you off with their vicious claws. What you can do now. Well, the only hope is to explore the hotel rooms, find out some weapons and try to stay alive. No other options left. personally i loved the gameplay.

If you too are playing Skyhill, and facing difficulties with the mutants, here is something that will bring you some relief. This is +2 Trainer for Skyhill game. A sort of cheat that offers you infinite Health and Infinite Food so that you can progress the game comfortably. Just download the Trainer from this page in one click, extract it an launch the trainer. Now launch the game and hit F1 to activate the cheats. Anytime you wish to disable the cheat and go genuine, simply close the trainer and play.

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