Download App Lock: Fingerprint Password APK

App Lock Fingerprint Password APK

Most of the new smartphones today come with Fingerprint Sensor or we say it Fingerprint Scanner. It keeps your phone safe and locked which can be opened only by your own fingers. But, why such a great security stuffs is only used for locking or unlocking the phone? Why can’t we use it to protect our Apps also? Of course there use to be several apps that carry enough sensitive data and information about us which cannot be handed over to anybody else.

There are few smartphones that come with support of clicking selfies using fingerprint sensor, but they too don’t lock the Apps. Well, there is a trick that now let you lock your apps also using the fingerprint sensor. And it works on any Android smartphone or tablet having the sensor.

It is a simple app called ‘App Lock: Fingerprint Password’ for Android devices. Once you install it on Fingerprint enabled device, you can lock any of your apps using Fingerprint. So, even if any family or Friend saw your pattern or password, they will still not be able to read your protected messages or emails, unless you provide them access.

The comes with user-friendly Material Design and lots of important features. Along with Fingerprint lock, you can also use Patterns or Security Question to lock the apps. It is pretty simple to configure. If you want, you can check this Setup Guide for Fingerprint password. So, if your phone has confidential and private information stored, i would recommend you to use this app and protect them all with just a finger.

You can download the APK file of App Lock: Fingerprint Password from this page directly and install it manually. Or, you can get it from PlatStore right away.

App Lock Fingerprint Password APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore

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