Download Gravity Gestures APK – Add Gesture to Any Android Device

Gravity Gestures APK

Smartphones with Gestures comes very handy to launch any App or to execute any task instantly. It gives the fastest access to apps or task saving our time. Unfortunately not all Android smartphones or tablets come builtin with Gestures. But now, that’s not the scenario.

If your Android smartphone to tablet has accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, you can add Gesture to them in seconds. No expertize required, and most important, No Rooting required.

It is a small app called ‘Gravity Gestures’. Sized just 2MB, once installed, you can assign tasks like toggling Bluetooth, Wifi, or Flash light. You can assign a Website or App launch. And much more. The app offers Rotation X, Y, Z and Shaking gestures. Assign anything to these gestures and get quick access to them.

You can download Gravity Gesture from PlayStore by clicking the download link provided below, or simply get the APK file from this page instantly and install manually on your Android phone or tablet. It is a free app but very useful and safe. You can check the App Configuration Guide here. Enjoy Gesture without Rooting the phone.

Gravity Gestures APK[wpdm_package id=’23487′]

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