Download Google Phone 4.0 APK with Spam Protection

Google Phone 4.0 APK

Google Phone app today updated to version 4.0 which brings the very much needed Spam Protection built-in. Now on, whenever you receive a Call, if its a spam, the Caller ID will turn Red saying ‘suspected spam caller’. And when it is a regular call, the caller ID will remain Blue as always. You can also block or add any number in the Spam list so that you will not get a call again from them.

Apart from these new feature, Google Phone App already has so many features such as Call blocking, Visual Voice mail messages right in the phone app. get Nearby places, and lots more. To use the Spam Protection feature you will need to update your Phone App to version 4.0. By the default the spam protection is ON, but if not you can enable it from Phone App > More Options > Caller ID & spam protection. In order to Add any new number to the Spam list, go to Recent Calls > Select a Call and tap Block / report spam.

Remember, the Google Phone app with Spam protection is officially available only for Nexus and Android One smartphones. However, you can give a try on your other phone’s as well. Not sure if it will work, but worth trying. You can download this latest version of Phone App directly from PlayStore link provided below or get the APK file right away from this page and install manually.

Google Phone 4.0 APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore

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