Coolmuster Android Assistant Review – A Complete Mobile Solution for Your Android

Coolmuster Android Assistant Review

Smartphones today have become an important part of our day to day lives because it carries so many important and crucial data, from family memories to office files required next month. And if you accidentally delete them than that’s the worst digital disaster. So, to deal with such problems we as a backup support have an option to save our data online at cloud storage. But not everybody is aware of these clouds and still save entire data on their phones and fear to lose them.

But with every new improved technology, where everything is becoming so easy there are some difficulties too. First, clouds are limited to these media and some office files, and second, taking the backup of photos, videos, audios are much easier than extracting them back to our smartphones. If you are the one looking for a complete mobile solution for your mobile and data stored on the same, I found a solution.

Well, the solution for our problems is Coolmuster Android Assistant. I have been using it since a week and found it so impressive that I thought to share with our users too. Since Android mobiles are the most used phones over the world, this Android Assistant is must have software for everyone. Here in this article, I will let you know all its important features as we as how it works.

Coolmuster Android Assistant enables you to export videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, call logs, apps, etc. from Android phone or tablet to computer, so that you can free up your Android space for new files.

Coolmuster Android Assistant_1


Coolmuster Android Assistant is a complete mobile solution which can be safely replaced with your existing PC Suites. This easy-to-use application not only lets you backup and restore your multimedia files but everything on your phone including installed applications, contacts, SMS, Call logs, pictures, videos, music, etc. from phone to PC PC to phone in just one click. You can even sync your contacts between Outlook and Android.

Apart from that, Android Assistant also lets you Recover deleted files too from your phone. It supports USB as well as Wireless connectivity over WiFi and does many more stuffs. Just Scan the Barcode shown on your computer and it connects. We will see them later in this review. One more thing you must know is that it not only works for Android but also for iOS, as I said, it is a complete mobile solution.

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You can download the Coolmuster Android Assistant directly from the below given URL. You can test it for free with the trial version. If you like it, which I’m sure you will, you can buy it at just $25.95. Since it is under promotional offer, you are getting $10 discount. This is for one year. But if you pay just $35.95, you get Lifetime License.

Latest Version: v.4.3.497 (16th Jan, 2019)

Whats New:

  •  Integrated paid products – Android Recovery, Android Eraser, Mobile Transfer, etc.
  •  Optimized tips and links for user interaction processes.

Download for Windows  | Download for MacOS 

User Interface

Android Assistant comes with very clean and easy-to-use user interface. You don’t need to be an expert to use this handy application. When you first launch the app, you will see few options to select between Android and iOS. After making the selection, you will be asked to connect your smartphone to the PC either using the USB cable or the Wi-Fi. As we have performed both the methods are working fine for us. To reduce inconvenience, make sure that you tap the USB debugging option on your smartphone. And do not get in dismay if you don’t know all these steps as the software will guide you through them.

Once the connection is established successfully, you will see your phone screen on the computer with all your files listed in the left pane of the application. You can easily explore and organize them as per your requirements. It’s entirely depends on you how to keep your data properly. The process is very quick and doesn’t not give any hassles. It also installs an assistant app on your phone to carry out tasks hassle free.

Coolmuster Android Assistant App

The backup and restore processes are also fast, and it does the job well. I was really impressed of not facing a single problem during the process. So, as per the user interface and functioning, Coolmuster Android Assistant is really cool with no noticeable problems.

How to Backup, Restore and Manage individual Data:

It is very easy. As you can see in the screenshot, all your data is listed on the left. Just click Videos for example, and you will see your entire video files on the right. Select those you want to backup and click ‘Export’ on the top to save them on your computer.

Similarly, if you want to add some videos from computer to your phone, click on ‘Add’, browse the file and select. It will add that video to your phone storage. Isn’t that so comfortable?

Coolmuster Android Assistant_8

You need to follow the same steps for Contacts, SMS, Photo, Video and apps too. Just select and click any of the options from the top list, i.e. Add, Delete, Export.

How to Backup and Restore entire Phone:

This is a very important feature of Coolmuster Android Assistant which is very helpful for every smartphone user. You can Backup the entire phone on your computer with each and every file and data stored on the phone. It is very convenient to do and even quick. It requires just couple of clicks as mentioned below:

• Connect your Android device to the computer and run the Android Assistant;
• Choose “Super Toolkit” from the top menu;
• Click on the “Backup” button to backup specific file type from your Android to computer;
• Click on the “Restore” button to select specific type of the backup files and restore them to your Android device.

Coolmuster Android Assistant_9

And there you go, the backup will get completed in few seconds but note take it also depends on the number of files to be backing up.

You can export any of your videos, photos, music, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. from Android phone or tablet to your computer and restore all of them later to any other device. This can be extremely helpful especially if you change your smartphone and wanted to migrate all your data quick and effectively.

Perfect contact and call log assistant

Coolmuster Android Assistant is also the perfect assistant for SMS, Contacts and Logs. It will provide you a new texting experience and I am sure you will love it.

Are you still using your android phone to text message one by one to your friends? If yes, then you should use this software which enables you to send message in computer and perform group texting to save time all at once. It can also backup or import SMS from computer and delete needless messages from phone.

This is also an added feature where you can import contact from computer as well from outlook. Not only just import, you can also export the contacts. It also enables you to take backup of your android call logs.

Quick Processing

Already much said, this software provides you a fast way to backup and restore your media. Although the amount of time in restoring the data is more than taking backup but this is faster as compared to other tools doing the same work. Utilities like Coolmuster Android Assistant are so darn helpful that it seems a bit foolish to have an Android phone and not also have a program like this installed on your Mac or Windows system. The software is easy to use and the files that are stored while backup and restoration are not corrupted. None of the files were damaged. So, it’s one of the best tools to use.

My Verdict:

This cool software has been tested multiple times and is secure on every term. A great thing about this software is that it is OS independent. Many mobiles phones are supported by this software. It performs read only operations which reduce the changes of data loss from your computer or smartphone.

Coolmuster Android Assistant can manager more than one device at a time. It can simultaneously manage more than one device. This is a standalone software which do not require any third-party equipment. Concise user interface and step by step wizard make even computer novice handle this software without any trouble. So, what are you waiting, go and download Coolmuster Android Assistant.

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