Download Xiaomi’s Survival Game APK

Xiaomi Survival Game APK Download

I believe PUBG doesn’t needs any introduction today anywhere in the world. We all know the game now has over 300 Million users while 30 Million daily users who are playing it on Mobile as well as Consoles. Although there are couple of similar games like Fortnite, Free Fire, Knives Out, etc but still PUBG Mobile holds the top spot.

Now, to join the competition, the well know Global Mobile manufacturer Xiaomi has also put its feet in the field. Yes, you read correct. Xiaomi too has launched a new PUBG-Like battle royale game which is named as ‘Survival Game‘.  About the same, company said that this game is specially developed for Indian Market.

The ‘Survival Game’ is a battle royale in battlefield, just like PUBG where you need to compete with others and get to the last man standing. Here too you jump from a Plane choosing the area of your choice on the map, you can collect ammunition and supplies to survive until the last, nothing new to surprise.

The only new thing you get to see hear is the flight equipment such as Jetpacks which will let you get a much more tactical gaming experience. Well, you will get to know everything when you start playing.

Xiaomi has launched its own Survival Game only on the Mi App Store, and not on Google Play. So, you can either get it from there if you are a Mi User, or simply download the APK from below in one click and install it on any Android phone you have.

Survival Game APK

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