Devil May Cry 5 to Bring Three Playable Characters in 15 Hours Long Gameplay

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry is already a huge success in the gaming industry. It is a typical combat game packed with action and thriller. The storyline is based on avenging the demons who murdered the main characters mothers. Currently, the maker of a game is launching its 5 episode named Devil May Cry 5. Previous sequels are already a huge hit in the market.

There is lots of talking about going about the new launch. It is assumed that the Devil May Cry 5will give us new characters. The one which is already available in DMC 4 will be present in this episode too, but it will bring more surprise to their gamers. The interesting thing about Devil May Cry 5 is giving their gamers three different playable characters.

Director Hideaki promised to their game fans that if they want more playable characters from them, there is a high possibility they will launch more characters in the game. It is assured by the director in an interview given to Game shot website that the famous characters will come with more energy in the new launch.

About the game length, Hideaki assured that this version of the game will take 15 hours to complete. This timing span of the game is quite longer than the previous one, which itself was the challenge for makers. The fans of the game are excited and curious about the game. By not breaking their excitement Hideaki put their fans in wonder with timing span.

It is confirmed by the makers that the demo of this new launch will release on Xbox One and play station 4 on next month. So its Fans have to wait for more to experience this game. The one demo which is available on old Xbox One is also deleted by Microsoft making it very clear that it is not available for further download. Makers are making sure that curiosity of this game will remain alive in their fans when the game is on the floor. They are more cautious about their demo release too. While on the other hand fans are hoping something from the makers. Because of its huge success in the gaming industry, people are expecting more from this new launch.

Everyday news is flashing about the release of the game. Developers don’t create any further suspense on release date. Devil May Cry 5 will be on the floor on March 8th of this year. It will be available on PC, Xbox 1 and Playstation 4. As soon as the release date of the game is broken, happiness among fans can be sensed from distance. There is much uncertain news about the game is spreading in the market, but people are not quite sure about it. There will be many more to come about the game before release.

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