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From last few months we have been hearing a lot about the brutal effects that the world most famous game PUBG is having on the minds of children and adults all across the world.

Such online games have gained popularity among teenagers. These games infuse anger, rage and trigger mental imbalance which is life threatening. Infact PUBG is declared as life threatening game. The smooth and marvelous graphics grab the continues attention of the players and turns out to be an addiction. The players lost their mental consciousness while completing their missions. The players are completed clawed by after effects of the game even when they have finished playing the game.

Earlier, we have been shared with your various news on how people are lying, cheating, injuring and killing themselves, how players lost their mental balance after playing PUBG. The outcomes of playing PUBG has led to serious rise in gruesome cases that it has become necessary steps against it.

Various parents, universities, welfare authorities and ministers are asking the government to ban the game in their respective region. In fact, there are around 10 people arrested in Rajkot for playing PUBG. According to the local police, “PUBG is harmful and addictive.” Ministers of other states are also demanding a total ban on PUBG. According to them PUBG is “demonic”. But blocking PUBG is not that easy. The government has to ask the Internet Service Providers of the region to block the PUBG servers, which is not that easy. Even we are in support of the point where PUBG is becoming a serious concern but banning the game sounds illogical.

All people across the globe are demanding the strict rules for PUBG. It is recently in the rumor that PUBG Mobile game will be restricted in India. According to the unconfirmed news, there will be six-hour time frame restriction. Which means you will be able to play PUBG for six hours in a day and once you have completed that you will have to wait for the next day to play the game.

PUBG 6 Hours Limitations

After six hour of gaming session, you will receive a notification stating, “Come back the next day to play again.”

There will also be notification after two and four hours of gaming also just to inform the player their time laps. This is specifically designed for players who are below 18 years of age.

As of now, this information is not confirmed. These are all rumors. Once the official information rolls out, we will be informed about that. We are saying this on the basis of a screenshot from the game which shows a healthy reminder: You’ve played the game for 6H today. Please come back at 2019-03-25 05:30:00. The screenshot is released by the development team of PUBG.

So PUBG fans, lovers of chicken dinner! What do you think about this? Banning or restriction on the game, what would you choose? I guess none of them. Write to us your views and opinions on this. He will be glad to hear them.

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