Top 5 Alternatives of PS4 DualShock 4 – Best Third Party PS4 Controllers

Best Third Party PS4 Controllers

Everybody these days want to try different and affordable option. Same is with gamers. If you own PlayStation 4 that usually comes with just one DualShock 4 controller, and you want to buy another one or a pair of DualShock 4 controller, then you know you must have a heavy wallet. In such scenario, going for a good alternatively is the best choice because you get the same work done but at a cheaper price.

Here we are helping you out with the best pick of third-party controllers or replacement of DualShock 4. These controllers we are discussing here are budget-friendly and worth a try. Let’s jump into that


SCUF Impact

One of the best controllers available in the market is designed by SCUF. The controller comes handy with many customizable features. The features which are most talked about this controller is Four additional paddles on the back of the controller. The good thing about it is they are totally adjustable. If you don’t find it comfortable, then you have an option to remove it. The controller was designed keeping in mind the need of gamers. It is very comfortable and it also includes thumbsticks. Other than this it also supports wireless functionality. This is definitely a good option to try

HORI Mini PS4 Wired Controller

Hori Mini Wired Controller

If you are looking for something less bulky or small size as compared to the already existing one, then you should give it a try. The controller is developed by Sony and as the name suggest it is wired. According to its size, it has been suggested best for young users. The cable of the controller is 3 m long. Apart from all perks, the controller misses some features like no motion control, absence of the speaker, etc

NACON Revolution Pro Controller 2

NACON GAMING Revolution Pro Controller 2

This controller is not only cheap and affordable compared to other controllers but also one of the best alternatives of DualShock 4. It comes with an asymmetrical thumbstick. The controller is all packed with features such as eight-way directional pad which is generally preferred by gamers for fighting sequel. The controller is so customizable you can adjust the cable according to your need

Hori Fighting Commander

Hori fighting Commander

This Controller is specially designed for 2D fighting games. The controller is designed keeping in mind the needs of gamers. It doesn’t have analog sticks due to the fact sometimes it is a bit hectic to control it. The controller comes with 6 buttons instead of 4 and they are so easy to operate. In short, we can say that the controller is handy and easily accessible.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Well, its Razer. It doesn’t requires introduction when it comes to Gaming. Razer Raiju Ultimate is a licensed controller and one of the best in demand. The controller followed the pattern of esports. Other than regular buttons it has 4 additional buttons and 2 removable triggers. It is all packed with quality features like volume control, mute button and a switch between Controller profiles.

Other than these above mentioned controllers, you can also try out for Collective minds paddle adapter. These are the best picks of controller you can try.

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