7 Best AdBlocker Apps for Your Android: Get Rid of Annoying Ads on Smartphones

Nobody likes unnecessary Ads popping up every time on your screen, whether it’s desktop or smartphones. So, most of us now a days, use Ad blockers in our web browsers. If you are the one who gets easily annoyed with such disturbing Ads on your phone, you are in the right place. Here we will let you know how you can block all Ads using some apps on your phone. Good thing is you can block only the unwanted stuff and allow others.

1. AdGuard for Android

AdGuard for Android

AdGuard is one of the best Adblocker tool for Android that works on both rooted and unrooted phones. It is more then just Adblocker. Along with saving your online privacy and speeding up loading, it blocks Ads in your phone browser as well as Apps. Unfortunately AdGuard is not available on PlayStore to download, you will have to download it from their own website. Its probably because Google doesn’t want its ad services to be blocked.

2. Webguard


This is yet another effective app you can use. As soon as you installed WebGuard, it starts doing its duty right away. This application blocks the ads on the current browser you are using. Other than this you will notice some more interesting feature in it.

3. Free Adblocker Browser

Free Adblocker Browser

This application is also the most effective and easy to use. The moment you installed it, it starts working from that moment and one good thing is you can see the ad blocks by the application at the bottom of the screen. Free Adblocker Browser blocks all types of Ads and it also protects your phone from system malware, phishing, and other activities

4. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Along with blocking Ads and Pop Ups, Brave Browser also allows tracking feature. You can simply enable or disable it according to your need. It allows fingerprint protection too.

5. DNS66


You will have to download it from its website since it is too not available on PlayStore. The very first thing you have to do is install the application from unknown sources. Download the application from F-droid site and install it. After doing so open the application. Select the Host tab and under that tap on Adaway hosts file option.

Tap on the shield icon, it can be possible you have to tap multiple times on it to get it done. Refresh it and go back to the start tab. On the appearing of pop-ups tap on the start button at the bottom and press okay to make it disappear.

6. AdBlock Plus for Samsung Internet

AdBlock Plus for Samsung Internet

Adblock Plus for Samsung internet is a good option if you are a Samsung user. The good thing about this application it takes you to system setting to enable the ad-blocker.it has more blocking options too. Under this, you will see many options on which you can try your hands upon.

7. Built-in Ad Blocker in Chrome Browser

Built-in Ad Blocker in Chrome Browser

To block pop up ads on your chrome all you need to do open the browser, tap on the three dots showing on the top right corner then go to setting. In setting option, scroll down to Pops up option. select the option  and make it on for start working For disabling the ads personalization, visit the device setting then tap on Google ads and off the services there if any shows.

So these are the applications which block ads on your smartphones to offer you clean and fast browsing experience. Try it out.

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