PUBG Darkest Night: 8 Important Tips & Locations You Should Know to Survive the Darkest Night

PUBG Mobile Darkest Night

With the latest update in PUBG Mobile, the game has become even more interesting as a new Zombie: The Darkest Night Mode has been added. But with the addition of the Darkest Night Mode, it became a little tough for the players. Here in this article, we will provide you the tips by which you can survive the Darkest Night Mode and play the game to the fullest. So, without further ado, let’s jump on to the best tips and tricks.

Best Tips to Survive the Darkest Night Mode in PUBG Mobile:

Block the enemies using your vehicles

Apart from travelling, you can use your vehicles to stop the enemies from reaching you. You can also block the entrance of the building to create a safe room to escape or to attack on zombies.

Pick a good location

If you get a chance, always choose a good location such as a house with lots of windows and balconies and also a staircase to go to the second floor.

Don’t be afraid to go on the topfloor

Most of the players are afraid to go on the top because of the noxious gas, but you can actually go on the second floor and then you have to only focus on the staircase for attacking the enemies unlike the ground floor where there are number of open doors and windows you have to focus on.

Don’t ignore the Zombie Vaccine

You can find zombies and zombie dogs anytime and anywhere in the game, so always keep the zombie vaccine near you as it will be your life saver.

Group up against the zombies

To survive the Darkest Night, play in groups to kill the zombies rather than attacking the other players. After surviving the night, you can kill the other players to win the match.

Head on to the Green Factory and look for the wooden box

Go to the Green factory, there you will find many hiding places like containers and up to the staircase to attack the zombies.You will find a wooden box in the factory, climb on it and stay there till the night ends for keeping yourself in the safe zone and for easy kills.

Use boxes in the RPD house to keep yourself safe

In the RPD house, you will find many boxes next to the wall. Use these boxes to hide yourself from the zombies. Stay there till the night ends and zombies will neverreachyou.

Don’t stand still at the same place when the horde comes

When the horde of zombies comes into the room, keep moving to save yourself from getting stucked.
But even after that you stuck in the horde, then don’t panic, focus on the head to get yourself out from the line of zombies.

These were a few tips you can follow to Survive the Darkest Night. No wonder the game hasbecame much more interesting as it is always fun to deal with the zombies in the video games. So, you should definitely play and experience it, if you haven’t already.

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