Red Dead Online Leaves Beta Phase: Brings New Co-op Missions, Poker, and More New Features

Red Dead Online Leaves Beta

As you may know, the multiplayer element of the popular Red Dead Redemption 2 which is Red Dead Online has just moved out of its Beta phase with introduction of awesome new features in the game and made it even more interesting. It is now officially available to the public along with the purchase of Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Online is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rockstar has added various new elements in the game for its fans, which includes new missions, new weapons and skins, new apparel and much more. Here is the list of new Features of Red Dead Online through this biggest update after leaving its Beta phase. So, check these out!

Addition of Poker

Rockstar has introducedPoker in the RDO. So, you can grab some drink and play Poker with the people around you or with your group members. You can find these poker tables at various locations across the map.

New Weapons

The new weapon that has been added is the LeMat Revolver. With the update, you can switch more between rapid-fire bullets and shotgun shells with LeMat Revolver. You can purchase these from Wheeler, Rawson and Co.

Free Roam Missions

Various Free Roam Missions and Co-Op Missions are added. Along with these, many side missions are also introduced. Many new characters from the main Red Dead Redemption 2 are also featured in RDO.

New playing modes

Two new modes have been added through this update. These are known as Offensive and Defensive play styles.
Offensive play style is set by default and it allows attacking the other players and enjoy the conflicts while the Defensive play style is for the players who doesn’t want to engage in conflicts and want to explore the world.

New Clothing and Apparel

Poncho has been added as a new piece of clothing, which fans were waiting fir since the long time.

Anti-griefing features

The new anti-griefing features has been added which will track the aggressive behaviour of the players in both the playing modes.

New Posse Versus contests

Three Posse Versus Contest including Fishing, Bird Shooting and Herb Picking has been introduced.

Apart from these changes, update brings a lot of other additions in the content of the game. Moreover, Rockstar has also promised to add new Free Roam characters, Weapons, Showdown Modes, Contest and Rewards in the coming updates. No doubt, these new additions have made the Red Dead Online even better and enjoyable. This update is indeed very overwhelming for the growing fan base of this popular title.

So, if you haven’t checked out these amazing features in the RDO already, then we recommend you to play the game and we promise you’ll never regret. This was all about the new and awesome features of the Red Dead Online. Also, checkout the related articles at

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