The Division 2: Operation Dark Hours Tips & Tricks to Beat Every Boss

The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours

Ever since Division 2 got ‘Operation Dark Hours’, the excitement has increased a lot for every player. At the same time, it has also increased the difficulty level for console players.

Those who have followed the game closely they will surely notice some difficulties in beating the bosses in the game. Operation Dark Hours is considered as the toughest part of the game. The good thing about the game is it allows multiplayer upto 8 players. The toughest part is to defeat the bosses in this game. So here we are going to discuss the strategy you should keep in the game for defeating all the bosses.

How to Beat every Bosses in Operation Dark Hours:

The new raid is a feature in the game and the raid will be carried out with the help of yellow helicopter in White house. It is the base of operation. You will fight this with the help of 8 members in a game. The thing is it doesn’t allow you the flexibility of matchmaking. You need to remain in constant touch of all 8 members to ace the mission.

  • Boomer:- you will notice the boomer in game. Basically, it is the thing which makes your enemies stronger or in other words immune your enemies. It will appear within a constant period. Some sort of signals will alert it. So your target is to destroy the Boomer. The signal is red-eye; it will appear on the screen. The question here is how to destroy the boomer. So we all know everything has a weak point. Hit the red-eye while appearing. It is advised you to not give them a chance for reactivation.
  • Ben Dizzy Carter and Carl Ricochet Dawson:- These bosses will appear in pair in the game. The thing to keep in mind is split into pairs of two teams to get this boss excited. Watch the display to turn green on both sides of the arena. The only way you will defeat them by trying to kill them at the same time.
  • Oliver Weasel Gordon:- Weasel is considered as the most immune boss of the game. You will notice him surrounded by purple smokes which are sworn to protect him from major attacks. However, everything has a plan. So to defeat Weasel you need to wait to turn that purple light into orange. Attack it at a weak spot. The thing to keep in mind is to clear the area so there will be no collateral damage.
  • Lucy and Buddy:- To defeat the Lucy and Buddy you have a certain time limit of 6 minutes. This boss can take as much damage you have to keep track of health issues.
  • DDP-52 Razorback- it requires missile steps. The thing you have to do is charge all the four missiles in the game. After recharging of missiles you will see the drone assigned with vehicles. Hit the weak point. It will take a maximum of five strikes to get the boss kill.

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