GTA 6 News and Rumors: Everything You Need to Know about GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 - GTA6

The game we are going to discuss needs no introduction. Its predecessors are already popular all across the globe. Honestly speaking this single game alone occupied users for a decade. The game we are talking about is Grand Theft Auto 6, or also known as GTA 6.

Recently there has been a lot of rumors about the release of most awaited GTA 6. But the publisher Rockstar Studios already called all this news a huge bluff. However it’s been so long, GTA 5 was released in 2013, so people were really hoping for some good news from the studio.

Unlikely they put a halt on all rumors spreading on the internet and it is pretty much clear that we are not seeing the game any soon. It will be launch somewhere in 2024-2021.

It is foolish of us to expect any official notification from the company because they are very secretive about the stuff related to games. However, there have been a lot of rumors about the game from different websites. It is quite obvious because users are rooting for the game since a very long time.


So let’s discuss what this hearsay are and what possibly we can see in GTA 6. This is all the rumors we heard so far about the Grand Theft Auto 6.

  • Some websites claimed that in the new sequel of the game you will observe the female protagonist. This rumor was in the air since the launch of GTA 5, answering to the questions of media they made it pretty cleared that soon in near future they will give a female lead to the game. So you will see a female character in GTA-6.
  • This is exciting news for all who root Ryan Gosling. It has been rumored that as one of the male lead you will see Ryan Gosling in game. The character is worldwide famous and it will bring more users to the game.
  • Seems like, with the launch of GTA 6, Rockstar is an opening gate for VR. This rumor is also up in the air for quite a time.
  • You will see a lot of new stuff in the game like Time travel and another futuristic twist. Talking about time travel you will observe teleport in game. The game is vast and was available in the market for very long. So it is obvious that with new launch makers will try to bring something new on the table to keep the entertainment alive in the game. Apart from this, you may also observe some of the random stuff to keep the spark alive among gamers.
  • This time it has been rumored that GTA 6 will offer users the flexibility to either play as a cop or as a criminal. This is something for gamers as it is offering freedom and by this, you may also come to know about the perspective of both which is huge from the gamer’s point of view.

This is all we know about the game till now and it is confirmed that rumor of game launching in 2019 is just a rumor. We will see the game somewhere in late 2024 or 2024, confirmed by the makers itself.

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