Apex Legends Season 2 Launching On July 2: Check New Weapons, New Characters and More

Apex Legends Season 2

After marking the success of Apex Legends Season 1, EA has planned to roll out its season 2 in next month i.e 2nd July, 2019. They announced the same at their live stream E3 event. Players can expect many new changes similar to the Fornite Battle Royale in the upcoming season. There can also be some new additions to the game.

Here we are providing everything you should know about the Apex Legends season 2.

Apex Legends: New Characters

Apex Legends Season 2 will introduce several new characters. The first new characters are called “Legends”, these will be added on an ongoing basis along with season’s battle pass. The second new character in the Apex Legends Season 2 is called Natalie Wattson Paquette. She is a female character who is an electrical engineer and is well prepared for the fight of her life.

There is also a mini teaser for the new character to know about her personality. You can check that out too.

Apex Legends Season 2: New Challenges

Apex Legends Season 1 doesn’t have any challenges, which is a bit turn off. But keeping in mind the success of Fortnite , the season 2 will also bring several interesting challenges similar to the weekly challenges in Fortnite to make the game more fun.

This news has been confirmed by a post on the Apex Legends subreddit by the community manager of Apex Legends himself.

“While we don’t want to introduce wacky challenges that drastically warp the way you play the game, these challenges should provide some interesting variation from game-to-game,” he wrote. “This means all players should feel more rapid Battle Pass progression and the journey will hopefully be more fun and interesting. Also, this addition should allow players who can only dedicate a few hours a week to the game to make a very deep cut into their Battle Pass progression.”

Apex Legends Season 2: New Weapons and Skins

Interestingly, the season 2 will also offer a new weapon called L-Star which you may know from the Titanfall 2. About the new skins, there will be total four skin that will be available. These include Caustic Skin, Legendary Spitfire Skin, Legendary R301 skin, and one more skin that is not revealed yet and will be available through the battle pass.

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

Seasons 1’s battle pass was a huge disappointment for the players. The Respawn Entertainment probably kept it in mind and tried rectifying this in season 2. As you may already know, Season 1 had 100 plus items so we can expect many unique items from the Season 2.

There will be new weapon skins and cosmetic items in the season 2 battle pass. It will have many legendary – rarity items, basic stat trackers and some items from  “three new content categories”.

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Price

The price for the battle pass will not change for season 2. It will be same as season 1’s battle pass. The Season 1 battle pass priced foe 950 Apex coins, approx $9.50. Also, for 2,800 Apex coins, players can automatically unlock the first 25 levels along with the battle pass. This will be same for season 2.

Apart from this, there will also be a ranked mode in the season 2 of Apex Legends. The ranked mode will categorize the players in different rank tiers based on abilities and achievements.

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