PUBG LITE Tips: Top 5 Loot Places You Should Visit 2024

PUBG Lite Look Spots Tips

With the introduction of PUBG LITE, the barrier of higher system requirements for playing the game has been overcome. Now, you don’t require any gaming-specific high-performance system to play the most popular battle royale game.

However, many of you may have doubts regarding the features and performance of the game as it is the light version of the main PC version. But, clear your mind as the PUBG LITE version is more than enough for the players. It has everything you need to play for an insane amount of fun.

Now, coming to the most interesting part of PUBG that is looting. PUBG LITE has bigger, better and detailed maps than the mobile version.

Since collecting loots requires a lot of time and patience on the larger maps like Miramar and Erangel. But a little prior-knowledge can help in getting most out of the loots. In this article, we have listed the best loot spots where you can get the high-performance weapons and gears. So, you don’t need to waste your time any more. Checkout these loot locations and go for them directly.

1. Yasnaya Polyana

PUBG Lite Yasnaya Polyana

Yasnaya Polyana is a loot spot that will provide medium quality supplies with the lowest risk. It is located in the northeastern part of Erangel map. It is a clumsy location with multi-storey floors and high buildings. You can find a wide variety of items here, especially the SMGs and ARs. You can also find some good snipers. However, the area is vast and the buildings are high, so you have to spend some time on it.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the transport for this loot spot is very limited so it is a safer place because there will be a few people.

2. Rozhok, Water town and School

PUBG Lite Rozhok

Razhok, Water Town and School are the great locations for loot and you can get high-quality items with moderate risk. Razhok is situated at the centre of the map and the place is full of ARs and good quality snipers. With some efforts, you can also get your hands on level 3 backpack and loads of healing items.

School is situated near Razhok but it is not a very safe place because the area is loaded with high-quality loot, so players are attracted here.

3. Military Base

PUBG Lite Military

The military base is the centre of attraction for many players as it is filled with high-quality loot in abundance especially the armour. Players can get their hands on level 3 armour and level 2 items quite easily. There are high-end weapons like M416 to M24s and Kar98k.

Since, the loot area is vast, searching for the items is very complicated as well as very risky. Also, the blue zone comes very quickly at Military Base which makes it even more riskier.

4. Novorepnoye

PUBG Lite Novorepnoye

It is near the eastern edge of the South Island on Erangel map. The region is flooded with high-quality loot. You can find high-end weapons like M24, Kar98k, and also Assault Rifles in abundance. Level 3 backpacks are very common in this area. You can get plenty of healing items like First Aid Kits, Painkillers, Bandages and Energy Drinks. Another good thing about Novorepnoye is that you can flare guns easily by searching a little.

Since it contains high-quality loot, more players are attracted here and hence it is very risky. Another risk factor is that this area is situated on the extreme side of the island which makes it very vulnerable to the Blue Zone making it even more dangerous.

5. Georgopol

PUBG Lite Georgopol

Georgopol is the best loot place that can be perfectly summarized by the saying  “High risk, high reward”. It has a huge collection of crates full of items.

Georgopol is basically a dock with a number of warehouses and a few buildings. You can find the most powerful weapons here like M24, Kar98k, Assault Rifles like M416 and SCAR-L. The place is full of healing items and you can also find a few Level 3 bags too. Medkit and Adrenaline Syringe can also be found.

Now, coming to the risk factor, it is extremely high due to the higher concentration of the high-quality loot.

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