GTA 6 Release Update: PS4 and Xbox One Users Are Not Happy

GTA 6 is about to make its entry in the gaming world. Unfortunately, this update seems like a piece of bad news for all the PS4 and Xbox One GTA lovers out there. Keep reading to find out the reason.

Although, GTA 6 is a long-awaited and exciting release of the year 2024 but here is why PS4 and Xbox One fans are unhappy. You may have already come across a bunch of rumours throughout the year that has suggested that GTA 6 will be launched exclusively on next-generation hardware. This obviously means that the GTA 6 will be designed exclusively for next-gen platforms like PS5, Google Stadia, Xbox Scarlett and PC.

But, as for now, Rockstar Games haven’t made any clear announcement for this matter and moreover, it seems very unrealistic to exclude the widely used PS4 and Xbox One from this release. There are many reasons for the parent company Take-Two Interactive to make this decision in spite of the huge PS4 and Xbox One audience.

In a recent conversation with the CEO of Take-Two Interactive Strauss Zelnick, said that their future gaming projects are going to be on the next level. He suggested that their projects will be able to suit the next-gen hardware in the most exciting as well as impressive way.

Although, he didn’t speak specifically of GTA 6 but he spoke for all the upcoming gaming projects that are going to mark an entry with impress gameplay, and incredible graphics.

Zelnick said, “We have a new console generation coming, and that’s going to allow us to do some things that we haven’t been able to do before creatively, and that’s exciting,”.

He added, “But as I’ve said before, we are going to reach a point where you won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s created in the computer and what’s real.”

Zelnick told that the future games will have features like ray tracing and will have benefits like ‘live-action’. It is right to say that, Grand Theft Auto is going to be the first to have such next-gen, cutting edge upgrade.

GTA 6 will come with an upgraded online mode which will be more efficient and interesting than previous ones.

Zelnick also pointed towards certain other announcements regarding the future gaming projects of the company. So, we can conclude that Take-Two is going to keep their franchise up a notch and working on the best they can.

In a recent earnings meeting, he told, “We aim to build on this strong start by delivering a robust array of titles throughout the year, including Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, NBA 2K20, Borderlands 3, WWE 2K20 and The Outer Worlds, as well as new and innovative ways for consumers to remain engaged with their favorite entertainment experiences.

“Looking ahead, Take-Two has the strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP. We are exceedingly well-positioned to capitalize on the positive trends in our industry, and to generate significant growth and margin expansion over the long-term.”

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