5 Best USB Sound Card 2024

Whatever you hear, they play a big role in each aspect of your life. This is why those who can’t hear, they’re like critical. Sounds always tell you what happening around the world where you are.

Likewise, the sound is very important when it comes to entertainment with depth, lows, highs, vibrations, and screeches. But, the whole thing widely depends on high-quality devices like the best USB sound card.

If you experience this issue, just get a single change or add a USB sound card of premium feature. However, you don’t need to search for lots of pages for it because we’re going to share some excellent USB sound cards with their reviews.

1. Creative Sound BlasterX G5

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Featured with the latest gaming tech and 3D audio, this sound card of the Creative allows you the best quality audio experience for the gamers. Because of its native 7.1 surround sound on the technology of 24-bit, it offers a limit of 120db. That’s why this graphic card is the perfect suite for the PC and PS4 gaming rigs.

While sending sound signals in every direction and working rightly using headphones as it has Pro Virtualized Acoustic Engine. Thus, it’s also a great headphone amplifier (If you need, you can find good Amplifiers for your home or car here). Due to having the cheapest of SB-XX1, it accelerates the converting and decoding of the hardware by bringing out the best of the devices.

Also, it comes with different handy functions that have made it a perfect UBS sound card for a great gaming experience. Among other features, it has user-friendly volume control and beautiful design.


  • Great 3D gaming audio technology
  • Futuristic & sleek design
  • The native surround sound of 7.1
  • Multi-core acoustic processor


  • Not suitable for non-gamers

2. Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1

Image source: amazon.com

This is another superb sound card that has a few unique technologies. These include the Crystal Clear Technology of Blaster and SBX Pro Sound, which enable you to get fantastic sound on Macs and PCs.

Since the sound card has used the software of Sound Blaster Omni, it’s as easy to control as navigate. While featuring its scout mode, you can use it as a gaming sound card. This is because you’ll be able to hear your enemies more than they hear you along with a good competitive edge.

Because the device was designed to get digital entertainment, it’s perfect for gaming with music and movie streaming. If you buy this sound card, you’ll get things including USB cable, installation CD, and adapter along with the device.


  • Latest technology
  • Scout mode for the better gaming experience
  • Enhanced mic for high-quality sound
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Issues with amplifier and headphone port

3. Creative Sound BlasterX G1

Image source: amazon.com

Another inclusion from the Creative production house, the Sound Blaster X has 7.1 sound channels with the ability to translate digits to convert them into high-quality sound without compromising the quality. If you’re a hardcore gamer, it’ll satisfy you while playing some FPS games.

Besides, this sound card has designed to amplify your studio headphones. Due to the acoustic engine, it provides the best beyond the device along with different modes as well as enhancements. Apart from being simply compact, it’s efficient to deliver premium quality sound.

Featured with configurator and X-Plus Mode, the card works best with its H5 headset while giving you a spirited edge over the competitors. This mode helps you to choose and identify the specific sounds that make more issues. It’s because it has a filter to avoid useless sounds and noises.


  • Headphone jack
  • Acoustic Engine with options
  • Scout mode
  • Compact & user-friendly


  • Issues with a static and hissing noise

4. Tech Rise Sound Card Adapter

Image source: amazon.com

A truly beautiful sound card works with standard USB that’s as easy to use as unique in design. This is why it looks organized and simple along with easy accessibility with the most operating systems. The best thing about the sound card is that it doesn’t need to install the driver.

Included with LED indicators, the card has made it much easier to use with wheeled volume control. Because of its feature of 16 various rhythmic patterns along with 23 modes of environment, it has built exactly for music files.

Since the product has a better gaming mode, it’s also suitable for gamers. This is why it also works well with gaming headset while the sound adapter is providing the best with the device. That’s why if you have top-quality headsets or headphones previously then get ready to get blown away using this small device.


  • Simply sleek design
  • Various rhythmic patterns
  • Different modes
  • Requires no driver installation


  • The cable is a bit shorter

5. VAlinks External Sound Card

Image source: amazon.com

This USB supported external sound card comes with 5.1 audio channels that enable you to play and record top-quality digital audio contents. In playing and recording options, it offers a sampling rate of 44KHz. This inexpensive sound card has made for digital and analog representing as well as recording.

Featuring with the full-duplex option of playback, it’s lightweight along with compact design. Also, it has mi and line input with SPDIF input. You’ll get things including USB cable, installation CD, and adapter along with the device while purchasing this sound card.

When it comes to the users’ reviews, we found it mixed where some say it works rightly. But, some other claim it has issues. No matter what some of the users say, it’ll offer you smoother experience while playing and recording audios.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Compact & practical
  • Works with all device & platforms
  • Provides high-quality


  • Not very durable


All of the reviewed items that we have enlisted are the winners with an all-round performance. Some of them are suitable for just gaming while some others for karaoke and multi-purpose. Besides, they’re different in sizes, design, inputs & outputs, and any other features.

Likewise, they’re also different in prices because we kept different types of users in our minds. This is how you’re all set to get your preferred one regarding your needs and the preference along with the budget.

So, shop your one and enjoy it!

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