JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2024, Personal Life, Career

JJ Da Boss is a big fan of speed, and this is what he dedicated his life to – street car races. He is well known in media by being a star in the reality program on Discovery Channel, called “Street Outlaw: Memphis.”

Part of his team in this show is his wife, who is a street racer as well. Follow the article and find out more about the background and lifestyle of famous racer.

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Early Life

Jonathan Day’s birth date was on the 10th of August 1977 in Memphis. He grew up in Joiner, Arkansas City, and he was pursuing his high school education at Rivercrest School, where he graduated in 1992. TV star did not inherit the passion for cars from his parents, as they were working on roofs.

Before his teenage years, he was already passionate and amazed by cars and races. It was his dream to become professional in this sport and did everything on making it happen. However, before he started his career as a racer, he was following his parent’s job for many years.

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At some point, famous racer put all his savings into participation in illegal racing back in days. Due to particular bad decisions and the fact that he was doing a job outside the law, he ended up in prison serving long eight years. Once he was a free man again, he put his focus on working with cars, fixing them, purchasing and selling. He decided to be clean according to the law and to run his business decently.

However, he was participating in street races here and there, but nothing put him in trouble again. Several years later, precisely in 2016, car racer showed his face and skills on TV screens in a show called “Street Outlaws.” In 2018, he got a chance from the producer to have his reality show with his racing team.

After a successful first season that contains eight episodes, the preparation for the second season started already a few months later. So far, the audience had a chance to watch several exciting episodes, and the new season is about, to begin with, the premiere on the 23rd of March 2024.

The family of racers is going to be on fire and try to be number one on the streets of Memphis.


Personal Life

Passionate racer is happily married to Tricia Day, who is his racing partner. They have been together for almost twenty years in total but married for around a decade. They were protecting their private life very well; therefore, their wedding date is not familiar to tabloids. The happy couple has four children together.

However, the TV star has eleven children, but there is no information about other mothers apart from Tricia. They look after all of them together, and besides, they have five grandchildren already.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2024

As of March 2024, JJ Da Boss has an estimated net worth of more than $1.2 million. He has his racing track and owns several exotic and ultimately expensive cars. He is a big fan of “old-timers.” Most of his fortune is coming from his TV show.

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