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Hyun Bin is a famous actor from South Korea who got worldwide fame thanks to his romantic role plays. He was not very passionate about acting when he was younger, but the compliments regarding his good look were a trigger for him to give a goal; therefore, he finished acting school.

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Early Life

Hyun Bin was born on the 25th of September 1982, in Seoul, South Korea. As a child, he was pretty quiet, and he did not like to interact with the other children that much. He was into watching TV, so he starts dreaming about becoming a detective one day under the influence of detective movies and series.

The TV star is coming from and ultimately ordinary family and normal life. Throughout high school days, he was getting a lot of compliments as he was a good looking young man. Some of his teachers advised him to try on practicing acting and to become a part of a theatre school club, so he did it.

Afterward, he became unstoppable as he made up his mind and took this call as a life call. He was spending hours and hours practicing and working on his skills. Those days, by pure luck, a random talent manager stopped him on the way back from school, giving him a business card.

The young man knew that this is a destiny call, but he had trouble in the coming two years to convince his parents that this is the right life decision. Throughout University days, he was doing small parts at the theatre, but he was becoming more active by the time and, at some point, acting serious plays.



After graduation from college, a young and enthusiastic actor was facing problems of not passing auditions for big movies. He was rejected for the film “Bodyguard.” However, he was becoming more popular in teenage stories and characters.

He became a sensation in Korea in 2005, when he became a part of a series called “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.” This series brought him the first award, the Top Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Awards. Later, he got the role in the movie called “A Millionaire First Love” – romantic comedy but with a tragic end. This movie is one of the best plays in his career where the audience was amazed.

In 2008 his film “I am Happy” was broadcasted on the Busan International Festival. 2009 was a pretty productive year for the actor, as he had a character of a sociopath for the movie “Friend, Our Legend.” His role was pretty demanding, so he had to change his style completely. However, this movie earned fantastic critics, and he got much appreciation for his effort in national and worldwide media.

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In 2011 the famous actor ended up walking on the red carpet at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. The movie “Late Autumn,” where he was playing in the English language, was successful on a global level and hit the record in China as the most profitable Korean movie ever.

In 2017 he had the role of a detective in the film called “Confidential Assignment.” One of his latest films is “Rampant” from 2018.

Personal Life

The talented actor had many relationships with actresses. His last girlfriend was his colleague Kang So-ra, but the couple broke up recently, and he is currently single.

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Hyun Bin Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Hyun Bin has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. He is a big fan of cars; therefore, he owes BMW worth $50 thousand and Maserati worth $100 thousand.

The fortune of Korean celebrity is coming from his acting career.

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