Everything You Didn’t Know About Devin Brugman

Devin Brugman is a bikini model, fashion writer, and the co-owner of bikini company. She inherited business talent from her parents, and she is very successful. Follow the article and find out more about the background, career, and current lifestyle of this young beauty.

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Origin and Rapid Rise to Fame

Devin Burgman was born on the 26th of December in Oakland, California. She is coming from American parents who are quite educated and successful people. Her mother was a model back in days, and her father an MBA graduate. When she was four, she moved with her family to Hawaii, where she spent her childhood and finished high school.

Later, the young model moved to Los Angeles to chase further education and eventually a career. Her parents were supporting all her decisions, plans, and desire to become a model. She started a fashion blog while studying and had to make a balance between college and work.

Around the graduation time, blogging turned into a business, and she started new projects alongside her business partner Natasha. In the meantime, the famous model was uploading exceptional photos on her Instagram profile, while at the Californian beach with friends in bikini and some other attractive locations.

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All the images are ultimately attractive, showing her natural beauty and perfect body. They are breathing with style too; therefore, a lot of people were interested to see them. Her Instagram profile currently has 1.3 million followers.

Fashion star somehow found a way to attract many bikini companies to approach her and offer cooperation through social media, and this turned into a serious business that brings amazing income. Soon, she and her friend Natasha created their bikini brand named “Monday Swimwear,” as well as gym line under the name “Monday Active.”

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Personal Life

The young model has been in love with the beach since she was a child; therefore, she is passionate about swimwear. She put a lot of effort into achieving her goals, but she enjoyed doing what she likes. Instagram star very actively updates her fans with her daily activities or new journeys.


She loves traveling, so you can find numerous videos and photos on her profile, posing at the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Bali, Sardinia, The Bahamas, Maui, Greece, Italy, and many other destinations. Her favorite city is Monaco.

Talking of the emotional life of a beautiful model, she already admitted to media once that she went through a painful break up during college days, and for several years she was focused on career and friends only. However, this was in the past, but today she is in a relationship with Daniel Yaro.


Devin Burgman  Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Devin Burgman has an estimated net worth of approximately $500 thousand. The man source of her wealth is modeling and the bikini line business that she runs together with Natasha Oakley. Besides, her Instagram brings her part of fortune through sponsors. Young woman enjoys her wealth and maintains a high-profile lifestyle.

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