How Essay Writing Skills Can Help in Creating a Blog in 2024

The experience of writing essays can bring a lot of benefits to you if you are going to start a blog. If you think it’s time to start a blog, but have doubts on how essay writing skills can help – this article is for you.

Why blog?

When a person does something cool or interesting – such as baking a beautiful cake, hitchhiking, or reading a lot – they will most likely be told: “Get a blog.” But as long as there is no intrinsic motivation or development of proper writing skills, this stint in blogging is unlikely to be a success. In our case, a person who has experience writing essays is more likely to succeed in blogging than others.

Source: The Balance Small Business

Personal essays and an online diary

If writing personal essays is what you are good at, then in the blog, you can simply describe events from life – personal and professional. Most diaries on LiveJournal follow this principle. The advantages of the diary are that you are not limited to one topic: you can do book reviews, discuss events, or prepare for emigration.

But there are also disadvantages here. If you write about everything at once, it is difficult to find your audience and understand it, since readers will be mostly coming and going. To make an online diary interesting, you will need your own special writing style or personal point of view. For example, you can decide to write reviews on services, books, cosmetics, and so on.

Reviews as a format for blog articles are convenient: you can always come up with a topic for your next post. Let’s say that you write reviews about writing services. For example, you choose the GPALabs writing service, which offers online help with essay, speech, and research paper writing. You need to spend some time surfing the site. You will need to use this service, take screenshots, and describe your impressions in the review.


Writing articles

Like in essay writing, here you need to choose a topic, make an outline, and write your first post. Before publishing, you should edit the article and check the logic of presentation. It is more convenient to read an article when it has a clear structure – a heading, introduction, main body with subtitles, and conclusion. It’s known that Practice makes perfect, start sharing your interesting stories anonymously on this discourse participatory platform in order to develop your writing skills shortly.

  • Writing down ideas

Many students, while dealing with their essays, often record their thoughts so as not to lose interesting ideas for future writing. For these recordings, you can use apps like Evernote. It’s convenient to add notes on the go.

  • Making a plan

Making a plan helps not only in essay writing, but in publishing articles regularly. Planning topics for future articles and working on them is convenient in Trello. You can also use regular tables in Google Docs.

Source: Vanguard Communications

What to write about in a blog

Is the feeling of emptiness familiar when you stare at the blinking cursor on the monitor, and you have no idea what to write about for the blog? Or, has your blog already been abandoned for months because your muse doesn’t want to come? The literary stupor associated with the lack of ideas is familiar even to those of us who usually have a lot of ideas.

Use theme templates. This will help you not only get out of this rut, but also create really interesting and relevant content that users will definitely notice. Adapt these ideas to your theme and field. You can come up with several topics on the same pattern. If you publish a blog post every week, then these ideas will be enough for several months.

Source: Small Business Trends

1. Who should be followed in social networks if you want to be aware of …

Tell about those you read about, such as colleagues and other people in your field who inspire you to act. This format is good for networking and is suitable for those who do not yet consider themselves an expert, but who can demonstrate interest in the topic. Tag people and give them a link to your post so that they too can share it with friends and subscribers.

2. 5 books that you must read if you are …

Such a post will be organic if you adapt the list to your target audience. The owner of a bedding store can make a list of books that is comfortable to read lying in bed. A family psychologist can collect books on the relationship between children and parents.


3. Everyone thinks about it, but no one talks about …

Think about how you can actualize this idea, how you would apply it to your business. Perhaps you will be able to write on a topic that everyone avoids, and you will draw attention to yourself and your project.

4. What experience or person has changed my approach to …

Here are two ideas for a wonderful personal story that will help you tell about your beliefs, experience, and values. If you change this template, then your post may not be about one moment, but about the five lessons that you received.

Source: GoodTime Blog

5. 5 gifts for those who …

This is a great idea that for some reason is often overlooked. If you have a blog, you can make a gift selection with affiliate links or products of advertisers. If you have a physical product that can be a useful gift, include it in the collection.

6. 5 questions that you should ask yourself if you …

In this post you can answer frequently asked questions and inform the audience about your services. For example, if you teach about stretching techniques, you could write the following post: “What 5 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to do the splits this year.”

Source: Decaffeinated Design

7. Events and conferences worth visiting for everyone who …

Tell us what events you could recommend to your ideal client. After all, you can be useful already in the fact that customers and subscribers will receive important news from you.

When you start a blog, you may not believe that it will become popular and long-lasting. But if you have mastered your writing skills in college and know what to write about, you have a good chance to become a successful blogger. Good luck!

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