James Arthur in “a Moment of Sheer Madness”

You might know James Arthur as the most popular X Factor winner, and he now made a boom on his Instagram account doing something unpredictable, not just for fans but for himself too.

He accidentally shaved his head. The handsome guy with the most gorgeous hair ever shaved his head, and fans have gone crazy.

“So I was trying to give my self a little trim up in a state of pure cabin fever,” he wrote in the snap caption.

Image source: Instagram

“It wasn’t going so well, so In a moment of sheer madness, I decided to do something I’ve never dared to do before and shave my head for the NHS and donate 5k,” James added.

Although his hair will be missed, all of the 1.5 million fans that follow James on Instagram gave him support in the comment section, not just for the courage to do something like this, but for showing his kind heart with the 5k donation.

He even joked a little bit on his post, saying: “Do I have a melon head? Yes?” And then continued with: “Am I so happy that hats were invented? Yes I am.”

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James happily posted with whom he is enjoying his quarantine days. Snuggling with his cat is obviously making him happier than ever.


Apparently, James is not the only one who impulsively decided to shave their head. Take a look at some other celebrities with a new hairstyle too.


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