Fans Called Kim Kardashian Apathetic for Launching a New Perfume

On Monday afternoon, Kim Kardashian promoted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts a new collaboration with her mother and manager, Kris Jenner.

Kim was happy to announce the first perfume that carries their names as she tweeted: “A woody, white floral fragrance with the freshness of freesia, creamy white gardenia, and tuberose at heart – I know you will love wearing it as much as I do.”

But on the other hand, fans were not so excited about Kim’s move and calling her “tone deaf.”

According to her followers, this is a very wrong time to launch and promote, as called, an “overpriced” product, especially when people are losing jobs and are forced to spend their savings on essentials.

Image source: Instagram

“Kimberly, this is not the time,” one follower wrote.

“Omg, your love of money has no bounds. Are you aware there are people in the world who HAVE NO JOBS?! People DYING? The least you could do is wait this pandemic out before shamelessly promoting yourself. Completely tone deaf,” another added.

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After all the bad comments, the most famous Kardashian wanted to close the discussion by donating 20% of the product profits from the first month.

“In support of families & children affected by the COVID-19 crisis, KKW FRAGRANCE will be donating 20% of profits from ALL sales,” she tweeted.

Fans are angry with the other campaigns too, thinking this is the wrong time to make extra money when the situation in the whole world is the way it is now.

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