Alexandra Cane: “I Feel Like a New Woman”

Love Island’s Alexandra Cane recently showed off her dramatic two-stone weight loss and is looking better than ever. She claims in her interview for The Sun that she never wanted to lose weight, she just wanted to be healthy.

“I never did this to lose weight or look a certain way. I’ve always believed that you should strive for self-acceptance, whatever weight you are,” she said.

“Now I’m so full of energy, and I don’t have brain fog. I’m hydrated and full of life,” the 28-year-old reality star continued.

Alexandra is now visibly happy with her body and her health, and loves posing in bikinis whenever she gets a chance. She spends her days in nature, enjoying the sun and the beauty of the world.

Image source: Instagram

“When I compare myself from then, and now, the way I feel inside is like a whole new woman,” she added.

She also admitted that she is incredibly proud of her achievement in just three months, and that is going to continue living a healthy and fit life.

Image source: Instagram

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