How To Clean a Mattress With a Vacuum Cleaner

Need for cleaning mattress

Hygiene is important for the good health of yourself and your family. Good hygiene is important for overall health and wellness because it helps to lessen the risk of illness, disease, and different medical conditions caused by poor hygiene. In our daily life at our home, we clean our bathrooms, kitchen, floors, and bedroom regularly so that we maintain them and maintain overall hygiene. But there are some things in our house which we never clean or seldom clean like the mattress or the bed that we sleep on. How often do you clean your mattress? Ideally, you should be cleaning once every 3-6 months, but it’s always good to clean whenever you feel like it. Dust mites and many other small insects sometimes invisible to eyes are on the mattress, so to remove them, you need to do a deep cleaning. So, let’s explore more on the same.

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So, the basis of this article is to know how to perform a deep cleaning of your mattress, which is due for a cleaning. Before we go further on how we need to know what are the things required to perform the cleaning. First is, of course, the bed, next would be the mattress vacuum cleaner for suctioning, all-purpose cleaner for spot cleaning, baking soda to kill the small bugs, liquid mattress cleaner or dishwasher and 3% of hydrogen peroxide to remove stains and for fragrance we can use fabric refresher. All of the things listed above will be easily available in the Superstore or online. The vacuum cleaner is nowadays already available in all households and is being used regularly, but make sure you have the mattress vacuum cleaner (check here) as that would make it easier to clean, and it is specially used for cleaning mattresses. So, let us move further and see how we can clean the mattresses step by step.

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Once you have acquired all the things needed for deep cleaning your mattress, let’s first remove the covers and sheets, we hope you are using a mattress protector that covers your matters and maintains a layer between the bedsheet and the mattress. Make sure you have made space in your bedroom as more space will help in cleaning better. Open the windows so that if your bed is stinky, the air circulation will help remove the smell. After you remove all the covers and the sheets, take the vacuum cleaner mattress hose and clean the bed once with it. Once done, move the bed outside and keep it in the sunlight for around 4 hours, this will help to remove any foul smell from the mattress. In the meantime, as the bedsheet is in the sun, you can put the sheets and all the covers to the machine to wash them. After some time, bring in the mattress back to the bedroom, now look for any stains on the bed. Once you mark the stain spots on the bed, first let’s take the all-purpose cleaner and spray it on the mattress and dry it for some time, using all-purpose liquid will help to remove less sticky stains.

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Next, then try to look and see if there are more stains left after using an all-purpose cleaner, if yes then take the Liquid dishwasher and mix it with 3% hydrogen peroxide, you can add baking soda along with it, mix all of the three ingredients well and spot the stains and apply on them. Whenever you are applying liquids cleaners on the mattress, don’t apply too much so that it drips all over, apply how much ever is required. Once done, you can scrub them softly so that the stains would be removed completely. Also, you can rub the stain with a brush and after you finish, rub it with a damp cloth. After you finish cleaning with the mixed liquid, let it dry for some time. Once it is completely dry then sprinkle baking soda generously completely on the surface of the mattress, you can use a sifter to sprinkle the baking soda onto the mattress, and baking soda helps in removing dust mites and other small insects and bugs. Keep the baking soda on the surface for around 24 hours if possible and then use the mattress vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from the surface. Now your mattress is completely clean. Free from insects, bugs, dust, and all other unwanted things.


Good to know information

We would like to let you know which products would be best to use when you are accumulating the things required to clean the carpet. First, let us list some of the best upholstery vacuum cleaner you can find online, they’re Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner, Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner with 18 Accessories and Bissell Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner. Some of the good baking soda that you can use for cleaning are Arm & Hammer, Millard, and Bob’s Red baking soda. Also, you need to always use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for mixing with a liquid dishwasher. Also, you can use any liquid soaps to combine with the hydrogen peroxide solution.


The remedy seems to be a little bit of work; also, the first time you may find it a little difficult to do; eventually, you will enjoy cleaning it because the results that it gives makes you content and will prefer to do it the next time. Your carpet will be like you have just bought it, your friends will be impressed, your neighbors will ask you for the remedy. We hope all the information we brought you in the above article helps you to accomplish your task easily and make it a success. Also, cleanliness is next to godliness!!

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