Cody Simpson Is Rocking the Full Makeup Look

Self-isolation can be boring, but if you have someone who is down to do strange fun, things are excellent! When the boredom reached its peak, Miley Cyrus decided to give her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, a little makeover.

Cody is not ashamed to post a video of himself with full makeup look on and is actually really proud of his loving girlfriend. He then posed sitting in an armchair and urged fans to “end toxic masculinity.”

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Just a few days earlier, he got his first makeover, then also Miley had her finger in it. She shaved off all of his beautiful blonde hair and gave him a completely new look. The lovebirds are clearly having fun together while in quarantine.

Image source: Instagram

The two are not just bored, they showed their kind hearts too by donating meals for a hospital staff who is fighting against the Coronavirus.

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Image source: Instagram

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