Blac Chyna Is Charging Fans for Follow Backs and Video Calls

A 31-year-old American celebrity, Blac Chyna, had a secret way to make money that is now exposed, and people are not happy to hear it. It has been reported that Chyna is charging people hundreds of dollars for Instagram follow backs and FaceTime calls.

According to MirrorOnline, Blac is getting paid $950 for a video call, and $250 for a follow from her official Instagram account. And that is not all! If you cannot afford to pay it at once, another option is given, and that is to pay in four interest-free installments.

Image source: Instagram

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It is hard to believe that people have to pay a huge amount of cash for a thing that costs no money to be done. Twitter blew up on this topic.

“Imagine paying for a follow,” one wrote.

“Blac Chyna selling a follow back for $250 face during a f*****g world crises like bad timing,” another added.

Image source: Instagram

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