What Was Princess Diana’s Plan With Dodi Fayed?

In August 1997, Princess Diana passed away in the terrifying car crash together with her partner Dodi Fayed. After all these years, it is uncovered what her real intention regarding movie producer from Egypt was.

Dodi was coming from a quite respectable and wealthy family. His father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, was a billionaire and had a yacht where Lady D spent a summer holiday with her children, Harry and William. She had a romance with Egyptian movie producer only several months before the car accident and their sudden death. However, there were gossips that the young couple is in love, and they were planning to get married at some point. On the other hand, one of the writers, Petronella Wyatt, claimed that was not the truth, and this was something that his father was dreaming about only.

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The writer was even arguing, saying that Diana still has feelings for Prince Charles. Once, she said: “I always thought, and so did friends of both her and Charles, that she remained a little in love with him.” She added that she was always sure that young women were never in love with Dodi Fayed. According to her discussions with one of closer friends, Lady Anabel, who was worried if Princess will get into something serious and fast with Dodi, she said she didn’t have any intention of getting married to him. She was sure that Diana was enjoying her time with him, but she didn’t plan the wedding at all.

Sometimes before they start dating, Dodi was engaged to fashion model Kelly Fisher, and he bought home in Malibu for them. American model spoke for tabloids saying that he left her because of Diana; therefore, she filed a case against him since he drained her emotions and left her literally on the way to the altar. She dropped this file after he died. Diana was going through a break up too, with her ex-boyfriend with Pakistani roots, that she was dating for two years, from ’95 until ’97. His name is Hasnat Khan, and he was working as a heart doctor.

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Besides, he was a relative of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was good Diana’s friend. Here friends were saying back in days, that she was indeed in love with him, and she was calling him “Mr. Wonderful.” Despite strong connection, this couple broke up, and the reason was evident – Diana did not want to move to his country. One of her friends, Rosa Monckton, told for media that she still didn’t get over Hasnat while they were on vacation together, just a couple of weeks before the car crash. She even said that Dodi was kind of consolation for former Princess, as her emotions for him were strong, and she thought they could marry one day. On the other hand, it seems that Dodi was more into her, as there were rumors he wanted to buy her a ring, and to propose to her. Soon after they died, there was a ring found in his house which had engraved “Dis-moi Ou” – Tell me, along with the bill given on the 30th of August 1997 for an “engagement ring.”

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Some believe that he was about to propose to her on the night of the tragic accident. Unfortunately, instead of it, the young couple lost their lives together with their driver Henri Paul in the tunnel under the Alma Bridge on the way to Dodi’s home on the 31st of August.

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