Electrostatics Sprayers: Need of the Hour

An electrostatic sprayer is used as a means to clean and disinfect surfaces so as to rid them of pollutants, germs and viruses. With the help of these new age sprayers, positively charged liquid is applied to different objects and surfaces to make them cleaner and more hygienic. This process proves to be effective in barring the infections caused due to the harmful contents that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Let us have a closer look at the benefits offered by electrostatic sprayers and the right way to operate this equipment.

Benefits of Using Electrostatic Sprays

Many of you may think that you regularly mop your place with disinfectant cleaners and also clean the doors, windows and other surfaces and objects and so you don’t require an electrostatic sprayer. Well, let us tell you that you are doing a good job and that this can help in keeping your surroundings clean. However, there are some limitations here. For instance, you cannot completely bar the chances of germ penetration with these old techniques. An electrostatic sprayer, on the other hand, takes cleaning to the next level and ensures your place remains spic and span. It offers many benefits compared to other kinds of sprays and cleaning methods. Here is a look at these benefits:

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Even Coverage

Firstly, electrostatic sprayers ensure that the disinfectant/cleaning spray applied covers the whole surface/ object properly to give it an even coverage. With its help, the positively charged liquid gets attracted to the entire negative surface quickly and effectively. This ensures that not even a tiny bit of place remains infected or dirty. Hence, this super equipment provides all round protection from germs and viruses.

Reach Every Nook and Corner

I am sure, you’ll agree that whether you mop your place on your own or seek house help, it is not possible to reach and clean every nook and corner regularly. Most of us avoid such places as it is way too difficult to reach them. While some people may make an effort to clean such spaces occasionally others don’t even make an occasional effort as the task seems a bit too much. We keep neglecting this task even though we know that these places serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, cockroaches, viruses and bacteria. But we do want some solution for this problem, don’t we? And the solution is an electrostatic sprayer. Yes, nothing but a good quality electrostatic sprayer.

An electrostatic sprayer ensures the liquid reaches every side and corner to further complete cleanliness of the place – a task that seems unachievable with other cleaning techniques such as spray and wipe and broom and mop.

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Move Away Harmful Airborne Particles

As the surface gets covered with a thick liquid coating, the airborne particles move far from the surface and do not stand the scope of being attracted back. So, you are not just cleaning the surfaces and objects but also disinfecting the surroundings thereby barring the chances of the cleaned things/surfaces getting infected by the harmful particles anytime soon.

Minimal Effort

Electrostatic sprayers have made the cleaning process absolutely hassle free and easy. All you need to do is just spray it on the thing that needs to be cleaned/ disinfected, leave it on for some time and the task is done. You heard it right! Nothing else is to be done. Isn’t it just great? Because of this factor, this device has especially come as a boon for big facilities that require constant/ regular cleaning.

Means to Bar Infections

Another major advantage of this spray is that it does not only clean surfaces but also rids them of various kinds of harmful viruses and bacteria. It has the capacity to kill the deadly coronavirus, rotavirus, rhinoviruses, norovirus, hepatitis A, B, C, shigella, MRSA, salmonella typhi and various other viral and bacterial pathogens.

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Where to Use These Sprayers?

There is a need to sanitize and clean almost every place these days due to ever-rising pollution and germs. As mentioned above, this can effectively be done with the help of electrostatic spraying. But the question is that is it safe to use this technique at just about any place? Well, yes, it is! In fact, it is recommended to use this method of cleaning and disinfecting at various places including hospitals, schools, gyms, day-care centres, restaurants, salons, spas, office buildings, shopping malls, theatres, stadiums, hotels, colleges and nursing homes.

It is safe to spray it on fitness and medical equipment, swings, mats, fans, toys, furniture and fittings and various other objects and surfaces. It is particularly recommended to use this in terminal patient rooms, restaurant kitchens, day care centres, rest rooms and other such sensitive places that must be kept germ free under all conditions. It can be or rather should be used regularly to keep these places safe.

It has been observed that the places that have adopted this advanced cleaning procedure enjoy a healthier environment compared to their counter parts that are still stuck with the conventional cleaning techniques.

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Quick Tips to Conduct Electrostatic Spraying

One does not necessarily have to seek professional help to further this task. It can be done on your own. The sprayers are quite handy and easy to use. They come with step by step instructions to make the task easier. While you can learn how to operate these by going through the instructions, it is suggested to take care of few things while conducting the electrostatic spraying procedure. An important point to keep in mind is not to begin with the process without wearing a dust mask, gloves and eye protection. Since, the spray is strong all these precautions are essential to ensure it doesn’t impact you in anyway.

So, if you haven’t started using an electrical sprayer yet it is time to consider it seriously. Isn’t it? If you still have some doubts or apprehensions about this product, you can check out zogics.com for detailed information on it. This will help you decide better.

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