The Geordie Shore Bombshell Chloe Ferry Is Not Blonde Anymore?

The former Geordie Shore star, Chloe Ferry, is known for her stunning blonde hair, but did the quarantine boredom made her change her hair color?

Chloe wowed her 3.5 million fans when she posed in her home, wearing a crop top and black tights with, believe it or not, red hair.

Her new look is so outstanding and different from all that her fans are used to, but everyone agreed that she looks dazzling. A fan even called her a “real-life mermaid.”

Image source: Instagram

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a wig, but still, fans are happy to enjoy a redhead Chloe.

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Later, she showed off her amazingly shaped body and posed in a provocative and revealing silver bikini and wrote: “hey call me chloe Armstrong,” followed by an astronaut emoji, and added, “brb off to the moon since Ibiza is canceled.”

Image source: Instagram

Check out some of Chloe’s latest sizzling posts from her Instagram account here:

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