Charlotte Crosby Is Accused of “Domestic Violence” by Ex Joshua Ritchie

Recently, the two ex-lovers started a fight through Instagram when Charlotte Crosby accused her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Ritchie, for “taking money” from her.

Joshua then hit back harder and claimed that he was a victim of abusement by Charlotte multiple times, while they were in a relationship.

The 29-year-old former Geordie Shore star denied the claims and said that they are “not true,” while nearly bursting into tears in a heart-touching video.

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The 25-year-old Love Islander shared some situations when he felt attacked by Charlotte.

“The first time it actually happened this domestic violence was when we were on holiday and I didn’t say happy birthday to a certain somebody bang on 12 o’clock even though prior to it I said it about six times,” he said.

“The second time is when they chased me around our villa in Crete with a belt because I wanted go on a lad’s golfing holiday, they went mad wow,” the tv personality added.

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He also said that Crosby tried to cut his clothes beat him up while he was asleep.

Charlotte couldn’t stay silent and be blamed for things she claims, didn’t happen. “I’m really upset it has come to this but I am not being accused of things that are not true,” she said, and then added: “I have sat here now thinking of how to respond, but actually I realise if you do argue with clowns you only join the circus yourself.

She finished her video off with trying to hold back tears while saying: “I just would like to thank you for the lovely messages I am not getting in the hundred in my inbox. Thank you.”

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