Top 3 Business Features in new iOS 8

As the Original Apple website suggest “iOS makes the most powerful business partner”. Even though apple has tried hard to make this version of iOS consumer friendly they’ve also taken a step forward towards delivery some great feature which would come handy in business or enterprise level. Apple has always tried to make iPad and iPhone the devices of choice at work because they believe it’s the device of choice in our day-to-day lives.

With the latest upgrade, iOS 8, Apple has brought some features which will make these gadgets even more desirable not just for personal consumer but all the business consumers as well.

iOS 8 Business Features

First things first, when it comes to business or an enterprise, security is something which holds the highest priority and that is what Apple has introduced in this upgrade, “Better Security”. They have introduced the Class C Data Protection wherein not just the Mail and third-party apps but also calendars-contacts-notes-messages are locked with passcode until after the device is unlocked following a reboot. So in case your phone has reached some wrong hands, this feature will prove to be very helpful and will protect your confidential e-mails and files. S/MIME users can choose to encrypt the mail for additional security.

Second feature is an upgraded productivity feature wherein you will be able to make the best use of your time. The Mail App has an auto-reply feature where in if you are busy or away from your desk, it will automatically send a reply to the sender and make sure the e-mail is catered to. This will increase your effectiveness and also maintain professionalism. You can quickly add or remove meetings and maintain a schedule for the day, this will help you save you time and make more time to do other things as you will be organized at work. Also Apple has made sure that they integrate online storage options like Google Drive into their operating system, this will make sure you have all your important data and can easily view it using the same applications right on your I device.

Last feature is the Data Management and Content Filtering feature. The IT department in your office can control the settings and choose which application can open Documents downloaded from Enterprise domains using safari. They can also monitor which applications can open iCloud files. And the new networking framework in iOS 8 will also help developers to build better content filtering applications for your device.

These are few things which Apple has put forth to attract more business customer and I’m sure it works in their favor.

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