Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Review


World has experienced the powerful hardware specifications like mobile chipset, camera and display of a smartphones and tablets created by Samsung. Now time has come for Samsung to take another step in to future technology and for this Samsung has already made a step forward and launched its new device in tablet section named Samsung Tab 4 Nook. First question in the mind will be what’s new in this new device by Samsung? Answer for this question is simple, Samsung is now all set to capture the market of Kindle and Amazon book reader too. Yes, you all got it correct; Samsung is launching a perfect blend of book reader as well as powerful Samsung Tablet too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Review

Picture behind this innovation from Samsung is that Barnes and Noble one of the best book seller was experiencing huge loss due to change in the market trend. People now purchase books online or started downloading from internet and with the changing fashion Barnes and Noble switched as book reader manufacturer and started manufacturing tablet. Kindle and Amazon became the big hurdles for Nook tablet to spread its existence and so to cope up with the competition in the market, Barnes and Noble got collaborated with third-party Company which was none other than Samsung. Samsung and Nook together introduced new device of Samsung Tab 4 Nook which has powerful specs of Samsung and reading apps by Nook. We are going to make a full walk-through of this device to know all the details of this device. Here are the highlights of this Device:

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat OS
  • 7 inch HD display
  • 1280×780 pixels resolution
  • 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 3 megapixel rear camera
  • 1.3 megapixel front facing camera
  • 8GB internal storage, expandable 32GB with microSD
  • $200 Barnes & Noble content

 Design and Packaging:

As the device is created by Samsung not by Barnes and Noble so the device would be quite familiar to everyone. Samsung Tab 4 Nook is nothing new compare o Samsung Tab 4. Design feature by Samsung is always kept simple and impressive. Device is tough fiber plastic on both back and front but is tough enough to handle all accidental bruises occurred. Design of the device looks similar like Note 3 but of larger variant. Big rectangular body with little curve on the sides looks perfect in looks as well as gives good grip on the hand. Body measures 0.35mm thick which is quite chubby measurement for any device. Tablet has reasonable weight of 0.6 pound.

Front of the device has huge display of 7-inch with reasonable bezel space around the screen. Below the screen looks to be compressed and home button by Samsung is compressed little which looks similar to Samsung Tab 4. Below the screen is given with two capacitive touch buttons and one home button but on upper side of the display have sensors, earpiece and front camera of the device. Back of the tablet is texture plastic body which looks dazzling and has rear camera on the top and Samsung logo on the middle.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Design

Sides of the device has hardware buttons like Power button and volume rocker buttons on the right side and microSD card slot on the left side of the tablet. Upper shelf of Tab 4 Nook is hanging with 3.5mm audio jack and bottom of the phone has microUSB slot. Barnes and Noble have made a smart alliance with Samsung to boost up its market. Design feature of Samsung’s device is always simple but very impressive.

Display / Screen:

Samsung Tab 4 is mid-range device with price of just $179, with so affordable price everyone can understand that display of no device would be perfect in the terms of sharpness and viewing angles. Samsung Tab 4 Nook is designed especially for book reading so Samsung has done a good job to suit this tablets display for easy reading and viewing of the contents. 7-inch display with resolution of 1280×800 pixels with 216 ppi is on-paper feature of Samsung’s Nook display.

Pixel density is not so compact to produce super clear display but still Samsung manages to provide sharp and easy viewing display which will help you to read the books for long hours without straining your eyes. As this tablet is majorly introduced for book reading capabilities display of this device does the job clearly well. If you are more prone to watch movies or play games along with your reading skills then also this display won’t disappoints. Sun-legibility and viewing angles of the display is fine so overall display feature of this device is best fit with respect to the price tagged.

Software / UI:

Samsung and Barney and Nobles together have created a masterpiece to work as an OS in this tablet. UI of the phone remains same like Android powered smartphones whereas it has some add on by B&N’s Nook software. UI has same multi-window feature which is signature of Samsung to run two apps side by side.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook UI

It has Google play to download books and magazines and has B&N’s applications which include Nook apps, Nook library, Nook search, Nook settings, Nook shop and Nook highlights. Applications are very useful but this are not enough you will also experience come amazing collection of books, magazines, movie and TV shows worth rupees $200 making this device as perfect book reader and good tablet too.

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