Chloe Ferry Reveals Her Relationship Status

The blonde bombshell Chloe Ferry is always in the spotlight for some reason. Recently fans started speculating that she is self-isolating with a special someone and that she doesn’t want to show him on her Instagram.

The former Geordie Shore star decided to end the rumors talking about it on her Instagram Story. She revealed that she is, in fact, isolating with a special someone, but unfortunately, it is not a new boyfriend.

Image source: Instagram

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“For everyone asking if I’ve got a new boyfriend,” she said, “No, I will never get a boyfriend ever again, I promise you that.”

“The person I’m living with is a really good friend who doesn’t want to be on camera! That’s it!” Chloe explained.

Image source: Instagram

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“Everyone, you can put your mind at ease, I don’t have a new lad. Not him anyway, f-ing hell he’s not my type,” she added.

Chloe recently blew up the Instagram when she admitted that she might be bisexual, as she wrote, “Started looking at girls in a different way now….I’m talking to one girl I really fancy.”

Image source: Instagram

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