5 Things Every World Of Warcraft Player Hates

The world of the MMORPG video game genre is sovereignly ruled by World of Warcraft. The long-standing franchise has thus shown that it continues to make strong progress, despite the fact that many predicted a slight decline in the number of players and subscribers. Still, there are some things that World of Warcraft players themselves don’t like too much. So let’s find out more about 5 things every world of warcraft player hates.

World Of Warcraft

The game is played after almost 15 years of tulle existence at the very beginning. Namely, last year the World of Warcraft Classic was released, a remake of the original game that changed the video game industry forever. The selected lucky ones had the opportunity to test a closed beta version which sent everyone else, who did not get that opportunity, down the path of memory.

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Cult Status World Of Warcraft

Without too much thought, with over 20 years of experience playing video games, competing, and dealing with them in a variety of ways –  we consider World of Warcraft to be the best game of all time. Of course, the impression is partly subjective. EverQuest probably had the biggest impact on the development of World of Warcraft, and the developers who did this game also admitted that. However, in addition to the innovative and interesting concept of MMORPG set in the fantastic world of Warcraft – countless other things had to be hit for World of Warcraft to reach the cult status it has today.

Everything Is Paid For

Just to remind you, from the very beginning to play World of Warcraft, it was necessary to pay a monthly subscription with the games – and so for the last 15 years or more. According to lfcarry.com, it is the same with the new Classic variant – so, you have to pay. This also applies to popular boosters like WoW classic Powerleveling. Still, the game is so popular that even that was no obstacle as the game has more than 15 million players. However, regardless of the popularity among the players – there are some things they don’t like. Moreover, we can say that players hate them. See what these things are below.

1. Graphics

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This is one of the most common objections made by WoW players. Players usually have an objection to this part for the simple reason – the demanding graphics of the game should include more graphically demanding characters. Many among the players complain that the characters look far simpler than the graphics of the environment itself. Players claim that much less effort has been put into games such as Tera, but if you get to the ultra-graphics settings – you will be greeted by a unique sight. In any case, for a game that has such a large number of subscribers – much more is expected.

2. Leveling

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This is an issue that many players often face – especially those who just discovered the world of this game. It is referring to leveling your character up. In case that manufacturers can’t place enough substance in a game to make it beneficial the month to month cost – they shouldn’t make it increasingly harder to step up. Putting in a couple of hours killing off a specific measure of beasts to arrive at the following level just to reveal you have to do precisely the same again to go up another level is nothing else but ridiculous.

3. Expensive Pay to Play System

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We realize manufacturers need to bring in cash, yet making us pay each month just to play a game is simply senseless. Most game manufacturers appear to have the option to make all that could possibly be needed money by charging clients a one-time expense. For what reason can’t MMO makers like Blizzard do this? In case you needed to pay £10 per month to continue playing a game, you would probably opt for renting a game. There should be a type of center ground between charging clients a month to month expense and making a game free yet destroying it with a money shop.

4. An Enormously Large, Open But Empty World

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World of Warcraft manufacturers brag about having one the biggest universes in MMO games – yet do we truly need such a huge world? There’s no point in making tremendous mainlands and urban communities that take hours to cross and reach – in case you’re not going to place anything in the middle of them. Blizzard seems to toss in things like mounts and transport frameworks. However, even with this, despite everything – it requires some investment to go the world over. Different companies appear to have the option to work with smaller worlds with additional features.

5. Absence Of Content

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Numerous P2P MMOs will in general discharge new content a few times per year. However, none do this more than Blizzard. You’re fortunate to see new content once every year with WoW – which is terrible enough considering the game appears to have bugger and it’s separated from granulate and assault. Can anyone explain why F2P games who get less cash-flow can push out new content once in a few months, yet P2P engineers stay there just wasting their time. When you reach the maximum level, it appears you’re stuck and there’s nothing more to do. Would it be that this attracts individuals to continue doing this over and over again for a considerable length of time?

Eternal WoW

Many gaming companies tried to make a new  “WoW killer,” however, none of them succeeded, and even with less success today. Although the players themselves sometimes have many objections, this game still does not lose its popularity – or at least not significantly. In its more than a decade and a long history, World of Warcraft has afforded us amazing things. There were less attractive and quality changes and novelties in that period, time travel, and holes in the story, but WoW for most remains a unique and unrepeatable experience that many certainly re-lived when the World of Warcraft Classic came out.

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