Apple iWatch Features, Price and Complete Details

Apple iWatch is the most anticipated wearable this year as every other company or manufacturers are working on making a wearable. Now the Apple iWatch is officially announced and we did saw all new amazing design with a high end quality which Apple has always offered.

It is not the first time that Apple has made something known as wearable. The first device was Apple Nano which used to come alone without the strap but apple made the strap for it to sit on your wrist easily. That also featured Nike Pedometer integration which used to count your steps and calories burned.


iWatch Designs:

Apple iWatch offers you the very new way of interacting with your wearable with its amazing design and the highly customizable usage makes the watch completely astounding. Apple iWatch will be coming in two different sizes viz the 38mm Height and the other with 42mm Height. Also there are three different categories viz the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports, Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch is the first in the category which is made by 316L Stainless Steel which is designed by Cold Forging process that makes the material more hard and less to corrosion. The second in the category is the Apple Watch Sport. This Watch is specially made of lightweight anodized aluminum silver and space gray. The display on this watch is protected by a strengthened Ion-X glass. The third Watch is the Apple Watch Edition which is designed with 18Karat Gold and this gold is made by Apple’s special metallurgists to make the gold more hard and it is twice as hard as normal wearable gold.

Apple iWatch Designs 2

Coming on to the features part, Apple iWatch comes with the same Sapphire crystal surface on top of the screen which iPhone 6 has. This Sapphire Crystal coating is said to be the strongest crystal after Diamonds making the iWatch scratch less and shatter proof and with its flexible retina display the top of the screen makes it easy for different types of interactions like the press and the touch.

Apple iWatch comes with many different sensors that will work out for the inbuilt features and supporting different apps. These sensors are Gyroscope, Heart Rate Sensor, Taptic Feedback. The new sensor built by Apple is the Taptic feedback which gets activated when the screen is pressed and interacts accordingly. This feature makes it easy to use the features that we need to go to menus like the AirPLay, Bluetooth, and WiFi etc. This feature also understands the touch or hard press on the display and is called as Force Touch.

The Crown is almost used on all the watches from the centuries past; the same crown is converted in to a digital crown that will be used on the Apple Watch. This crown makes it easier to interact in all the apps and menus. You can Zoom, Scroll and even select without touching the screen. You can find it on the right side of the watch and this also function as a button to go back to Home.

Apple iWatch Designs

According to Apple, Apple Watch is the most accurate watches among all the watches existing today. There are over two million faces are available with the Apple Watch and you can select the different types of watch faces for you. All the messages, emails and calls you receive are engineered on the watch to make them mere easy and intuitive to watch, read or receive. You can send sketches, have a Walkie-Talkie, and send Taps and also your heartbeats to your friends.

The Activity App on the watch makes it more easy and intuitive to read and calculate the data of your activities in a single app. Three ways of activity are shown in the Watch to keep you motivated for Move, Stand and Exercise. You can set your Goals, Reminders and Achievements in the Activity App for exceeding it the next time. And also the Apple Watch is binded with the Apple Pay feature that lets you pay with your Apple iPhone and now with your Apple Watch too. There are many different apps that are designed for you specifically for your Watch that you can install it on Apple Watch.

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