Top 10 Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

The Camera:

Galaxy Note 4 Edge Camera

The next cool thing to checkout Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge is the upgraded camera. I am fan of Samsung camera quality. They are one that gives you amazing camera output with very minimum interaction. This time the devices are bringing bit more benefits in terms of camera output. There is a very popular thing that is going out in the market called as Selfie.

People love to take their own photos and due to lack of poor front camera this thing is not so easy. Here when it comes to these new devices then we are having mixed camera features. The primary camera is upgraded to 16-megapixel where you can take great pictures and record videos on HD resolution, while the front camera is 3.7-megapixel. This is increased to give more clear Selfie photos.

The front camera also helps you to get a 90-degree shooting angle through which you can take amazing panoramic option of your own self. This is just extending the use of selfies. Coming to the picture quality you might not get dissatisfy here. Samsung always focus on the picture quality by giving you more megapixels. Even in poor lighting situations the camera is able to give you a lot clear image.

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