Top 10 Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung brought two new devices in the market with a bit impressive features. These are going to surprise a lot of users who had bought the old series in a hurry. The most fascinating here is the new Note Edge that offers you a Curved Display. You get a new HD Display with different way of using the notification. In the same, Samsung shows up the new Galaxy Note 4, the rock star of phablet series. Both devices are really amazing and are good enough to give you great output. There is hardly any model in the market which is capable of beating the same.

Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

We will here checkout few features that are not explained anywhere. If you are in a mood of switching your devices with the new Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge then there are some points you must go ahead and read. These are the best features that I had seen in these two devices commonly. Surely both the models are the most happening product in the market and everyone wants to put their hands on the same. I had seen a short video of Galaxy Note Edge that shows how much Samsung is working on research to give the best device with unique features. Very few manufacturers in the market are doing this. So let’s go ahead and see the 10 cool features that make Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge really a Great Devices to go for.

The Display:

Galaxy Note 4 Display

Obviously for any Smartphone the display is the most important part. Even if the device is having best hardware and camera, and if it is not having a good display quality, people won’t like that. Samsung is the best when comes to display quality. Both Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are having a big size display. Samsung has not kept them limited to small size. It is right to say that both can be counted under the phablet series where you get a nice screen Super-HD output.

Samsung has pushed these devices a bit ahead of phablet series giving you an unlimited solution for many new things. Here if you go with Galaxy Note 4 then in you are getting a nice 5.7-inch quad HD Super AMOLED display. You get an amazing resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 as well on the same. Watching movies and playing games on it is really fun.

The second one is Galaxy Note Edge that also falls in the same category. It is slimmer compare to Note 4 and gives you a display size of 5.6 inches. Galaxy Note Edge offer you a vibrant colors output with most amazing picture quality that is really hard to find in other Smartphone’s. Compare to Note 4 I found Galaxy Note Edge screen more attractive.

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