At-home vs. Nursing Care – What’s Better for Your Parents

There is a time in everybody’s life when they must make the decision as to the future of their parents’ care. Unfortunately, some people are unable to care for their parents at home, and this means they will likely wind up in a nursing home. Nursing homes, much like our homes, have their advantages and their disadvantages. The disadvantages are, truthfully, subjective to the person that is going into them, but notwithstanding the subjectivity, this page will offer the advantages and disadvantages of both as told by those who have wound up in nursing homes, and those who have stayed at home. It is important to make the right decision for your parents, and if a nursing home is better, then you must choose that, and if on the contrary, staying at home is better, then equally, you must choose that option.

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Nursing Homes

If, in the past, you have struggled to make a decision toward whether or not a nursing home is suitable for your parents, look no further than here. By deciding to visit this site, you will now be able to make that decision effectively and efficiently. A nursing home is a residential apartment building in which hundreds (or thousands) of old people live out their final years. They are afforded certain luxuries that would not be possible at home and cared for around the clock.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of nursing homes.


Nursing homes are, obviously, inhabited by other old people of a similar age. For some old people, this is fine, and for others, it is absolutely not. It can provide companionship, and it can prove terribly irritating. Some older people enjoy living among those their own age and enjoy the company, whereas others just want to spend their final days in peace. The company is subjective entirely to the person, potentially going into a nursing home.

You should first discuss with your parent whether or not they can stomach having people around them twenty-four-seven in their final years, or rather, people they are not familiar with. You may be able to visit them to give them company, however during the current pandemic, this is unlikely, thus they will be lonely.

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A massive advantage of nursing homes that has no disadvantages is medication. Your parent will receive their daily dose of medication on time, almost like clockwork, without falter. Remembering to do your parents’ medication and then sorting out the dosage every single day can be a massive headache for some people, but by having your parent taken to a nursing home, you can be sure they will receive the care necessary to facilitate a good life.

On-Site Healthcare

Nursing homes are tended to by qualified healthcare professionals. In your parent’s final years, they may become prone to accidents, such as falling over, dropping or damaging things, and becoming lost. The on-site healthcare professionals who will look after your parent are trained and fully qualified to deal with those suffering from the pangs of old age, thereby ensuring they are safe twenty-four-seven and cannot hurt themselves or others unintentionally.

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At-Home Care

At-home care is as it sounds. Looking after your parent during their final years can be very time consuming and is something that many cannot do. If you have the money, however, you will be able to employ a carer who can tend to your parent in the comfort of your home for a few hours a day (or a live-in carer), meaning you do not have to look after them, but can still enjoy their company. This equally has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be expanded upon below. Learn more at


By providing at-home care, your parent will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home with those that they love. Keeping your parent comfortable is crucial, should you want to provide them with a good few final years. Comfort is essential to a good quality of life and can keep them warm and happy.



Unfortunately, at-home care has its drawbacks. If any emergencies were to befall your parent, you would be required to wait for an ambulance, whereas in a nursing home, there are many doctors and nurses and pieces of medical equipment that can be used to reduce the negative symptoms associated with any accidents.


Nursing homes can provide companionship, whereas staying at home can make your parent feel like a burden. You will likely have other commitments and will not be able to devote all of your time to your parent, thereby making them feel potentially isolated and lonely.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of at-home care and nursing homes. It is a decision not taken lightly, and one that must be carefully deliberated over and thought out. You must make the best decision for your parent and ensure that they are happy and comfortable.

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