Why Divorce Happens So Often in the Modern World

When we were little, both our parents and grandparents were telling us beautiful stories of how they fell in love with their spouse. Some of these stories sounded like the perfect fairy tales, which is why most people expected the same outcome.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets a happy ending, especially in modern society. It seems like these days it’s easier to say goodbye than before. What has changed?

Here are some of the reasons marriages do not function like they used to.

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What Are The Main Problems?


One of the most important aspects of every relationship/marriage is communication. That’s the core of everything. It seems like before people talked about their problems, whether they are related to money, devotion, etc.

Now, they easily give up. If there’s constant misunderstanding present, then in time everything turns into fight or argument that eventually leads to separation. Some couples find a solution in marriage therapy which is definitely better than giving up.


To many, this may seem like a superficial reason to leave someone, however, it does happen quite often. We live in a world where we are constantly flooded with various expenses and bills and these things can take a toll on any marriage.

Furthermore, lack of cash causes stress which once again leads to frequent arguments. On the other hand, in some instances, if there’s a certain gap in their earnings, that can also cause potential envy, jealousy, etc.

That’s why it’s important to talk openly, whenever a money issue pops up, otherwise, it will only cause you two to go into a downward spiral.

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Marrying someone for all the wrong reasons

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they read about it is money, being with someone because they are rich. Even though that’s one of the reasons people get married, it’s not the only wrong reason.

For instance, a lot of women (because of their age) marry because it is “their time” or because both family and society see it as the next step in their lives. It’s a lot of pressure! Moreover, then they forget what they want and choose someone who isn’t as nearly as suitable for them. Keep in mind that after all, this is your life.

Why Else?


It’s not like this hasn’t happened before, but it looks like in these modern times it’s much more common, especially “with the help” of social media where you can easily meet someone.

Of course, it could also happen at work, social gathering, etc. In the beginning, it may all seem benign and innocent until it suddenly turns into a physical affair. Sadly, this is the main reason couples file for divorce.

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Falling out of love

Now, this is something no one can predict and it can be quite hurtful (unintentionally) towards your partner. There isn’t a nice way to say this to your spouse. If you’re not sure how to convey this, read this article and you just might get some ideas. Of course, no matter what you say or do, it’s not going to be easy.

In this case, there’s no betrayal. Feelings have simply faded away and then it’s better to simply be honest about it than to cause further suffering to both of you.

Lack of intimacy

This doesn’t just refer to sexual intimacy, but also romantic or general candidness. Occasionally, your partner will not be in the mood to do some things or talk about a particular subject and that’s fine.

However, it may lead your partner to think that you are becoming distant and that something is seriously wrong and that’s the moment when things can move on in the wrong direction. Most men need sexual receptivity to feel desired and loved, while women are more prone to romantic moments to feel loved and wanted.

If your partner doesn’t notice that something is missing, you must talk to him/her about that, otherwise, you two may become estranged in every possible way without even realizing what went wrong. This is also one of the common reasons people get divorced.

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Unfortunately, this happens all the time in the marriage or relationship. It doesn’t always have to be physical, but also mental and financial. A molested person usually then starts feeling powerless, which is normal, and doesn’t see any other solution but to leave his/her partner.

Something like this could potentially lead to some other awful scenarios, therefore, it’s important to leave your spouse before it’s too late!

Splitting Up Is Never Easy!

All people dream of “Happily Ever After” but that’s not what people always get, especially these days. No one says that the issues we listed haven’t existed before but they’ve occurred less frequently.

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There are so many other reasons why people file for divorce, we just gave a few. Each reason for separation is unique, of course, these are just the most common ones.

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