Express Your Thoughts by Picking the Right Wall Art – Let Your Walls Speak

What are your thoughts when you look at a painting? Well, it depends on the painting and the one who looks at it. Everyone has a different perspective on what a painting or a piece of art looks like. Some might find it sad and some might have a different way of looking at it. A good piece of art will attract those who are not interested in learning about art.

Having wall art at your home can help you relax and feel fresh by just looking at them. It doesn’t mean that you make your living room look like an art gallery, but hanging a few pieces of art will not make it look bad.

Having wall art at your home can help you relax and feel fresh by just looking at them. It doesn’t mean that you make your living room look like an art gallery, but hanging a few pieces of art will not make it look bad. You can always get a good mirror as well, such as the ones offered here:

Every interior designer would recommend wall arts for your living room to make it look better and soothing. It must match your style and interior. Having a painting that doesn’t make sense to you will be a waste of space and money. You must be wondering why wall art is important in interior design.

When the right piece of art is placed in the right position, in your living room, it will immediately grab the attention of your guest. You will be praised for the right choice of interiors instantly. It is the first impression of your creativity.

If you are an art enthusiast, you might have a connection with a particular artist or a particular piece. It helps you to relax and keep you distracted from the real world. Well, it should also match your furniture.

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Why is wall art important for your interior design?

There are various things to look at when you are designing your house, the furniture, the color of your walls, the accessories, the style, your budget, and many more. The most difficult one to choose is the right wall art, which can make your home look appealing and comforting at the same time.

Why is it the most difficult one? Isn’t it just picking up painting and hanging it to your wall? Well, no! Selecting an art that adds meaning to your interior needs a lot of knowledge and thinking. You must first know how a piece of art looks with your perspective.

You must try to choose happy pieces for your living room. That is why it is called a ‘living’ room. You might not want your guests to feel like you are a sad person. A portrait of a person might not be appropriate wall art for your living room. It is good if it is in your bedroom.

Here’s why you must consider hanging wall arts to fill up your space:

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Authentic Look

Good art with classic and contemporary looks can give your home an authentic vibe. It will boost positive energy in your house and will make you happy and fresh.

Adds Color

Your wall might be painted well, but space will still make it look bad. You might want to fill up space with something that adds fresh colors to your room. Well, wall arts are the best option to get rid of plain colors in your room. They also help you in choosing the idle color palette for space. It changes the mood of the entire room just by hanging there on that wall.

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Attracts Attention

Good art will surely attract the attention of your guests as soon as they enter your house. It also comes within your budget. If you place it on the right spot it will be noticed very soon. And yes, you might also receive compliments for your choice.

Are you in an awkward situation? You don’t have anything to talk about to your guest? Well, you might talk about the art hanging there on your wall. This will make you look at it differently and will make your conversation even more interesting.


A house decorated with wall art is unique and has the right feel when you look at them. It shows how unique your taste is and people find it interesting to chat about the choice of your art.


Focal point

Every room in your house requires a focal point. It is one of the basic principles of interior design. There has to be a part that draws the attention of the viewer. No one likes to sit and stare at a plain wall without any picture or design on it.

Where to buy your wall art?

Widdlytinks is an online store where you will find the best wall arts that match your style and complete your home without leaving empty spaces. They have a wide range of designs and themes to suit your décor.


How to choose the perfect wall art?

While choosing your wall art, you must keep certain things in mind:

  • Right height measurement: You must hang it in the right place. The perfect height measurement will be 5ft 8 inches above the ground level.
  • Choose the right size: You must know that wall art should be of the right size. If the art is too big, it might look very congested and overwhelming. A room with a lot of furniture might need a smaller piece of art than a room with a lot of space.
  • The right color: Your wall arts don’t have to be the same color as your walls. The main purpose of adding a wall art is to add color to your interiors. At the same time, it must be nice to look at. If it is an abstract painting with a lot of colors, then you might want to pick a few colors that are in contrast with the color of your walls or furniture.
  • Grouping: If you are placing more than one art on a wall, then they must be similar in the mode of painting.
  • Frames: If you want to add frames with your wall arts, you must choose the right size and the right color. A bright color might make the painting look very plain.

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