Top 10 Budget Android Tablets in India

Tablets today have become part of our day to day usage. With Smartphone, Tablets have taken space of laptops. They are portable, easy to carry and offer you a full entertainment features. That is why it’s being widely sold thing till yet. Today I am going to show some of the best budget tablet. If you are willing to buy one that can fulfill your various requirements then going for a budget tablet is quiet enough for you. Budget tablets are the one that can give you good performance and features at fewer prices. You don’t have to pay much or look for long time to get a decent tablet with good app and game performance. Most of the modes that I had selected lie below Rs.20000. I am not sure about the cost in current scenario. It can be higher or lower depending on the seller. I had seen a few budget tablets that are for Rs.10000 are sold for Rs.13000 on many online sites. So I am going to target the actual value not the current price. You have to check that on your own.

The models which I had selected are mostly good enough to use different application and even playing games. Being a budget tablet it falls under a regular price list that is quiet affordable for everyone. I am quite sure you will love the models that I have selected. Most of them are good enough for daily usage. It can be your ideal eBook reader also. Instead of going for a very cheap tablet you must choose a mid range one that is good enough to give you long lasting output. I keep a few points in my mind before offering you the models. First it must be sleek and portable. The design sometime matters. Second it must have a good touch quality. That is good when you are using it and third it must be a bit durable also for long run. So let’s check out the tablets and if you are having any more to add you are warmly welcome.

Nexus 7 2nd Gen (2013) – Rs.17000 for Wi-Fi 32GB

Nexus 7 2nd Gen (2013)

When Nexus 7 2nd Gen (2013) was launched it was the budget tablet that is too costly today. But this one is the best. This is a Tablet that brings you a lot of things which other tablets can’t give you. It is one of the best with many great features. This tablet is having some kind of feature that most of the high end one is giving at costly price. It is a great value for money product. It is the one good budget tablet that can offer you good gaming output. The tablet won’t lag or freeze or cause any problem when you are using it. It is lightweight and also portable in design.

The tablet offers you a decent 7.0 inches display site where you get a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels @ 323 ppi. The screen offers IPS LCD screen which enough bright to use different apps and read eBooks. This tablet gives you a 5 megapixels decent enough to take good pictures while at the front side you get a 1.2 megapixels camera. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor and 2GB ram. And it also has an Adreno 320 gpu. The tablet brings 16GB and 32GB storage site. It is loaded with 3950 mAh battery enough for day long usage. As you can see the tablet configuration is quiet great and impressive.

Nexus 7 (16GB, Black, Wi-Fi only) – Rs.20, 999

Nexus 7

This one is second on my list. Nexus 7 the new one is the 3rd generation tablet a bit lot better than its predecessor. Still you can find the 1st generation that is Nexus 7 2012 for Rs.10000 which is also a great budget tablet. But here going for the latest is always recommended due to new things in it. Nexus 7 comes with 7.02″ display where you get a max resolution of 1920×1200 at 323 ppi.

So this makes a good screen combination where you get a 1080p HD IPS display. Further the screen is protected by Scratch-resistant Corning glass to give you a more durable output. For camera it comes with the same 1.2MP front facing and 5MP rear facing camera. That is not much change here. The tablet comes loaded with Android 4.3 operating system and might be upgradeable to Android 4.4. It offers you a 2 GB RAM and 16GB storage. For cpu it is powered by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. That makes the output decent.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Rs. 18500

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is another great tablet when it comes to performance. Galaxy Tab series is quiet popular when it come to features. I am still using Galaxy Tab 2 that works well. The new version Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is great enough for overall usage. This tablet is powered by 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor and 1GB Ram. You might find the hardware a bit limited, but mark my words the tablet is not having any performance issue with any app or game. It comes loaded with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. And for storage the minimum starts with 8GB. It is the same 7inch TFT Capacitive Touch screen tablet where you get a max resolution of 1024 x 600. The camera out is bit limited here. It has a 3 megapixels Primary Camera with 1.3 megapixels Secondary Camera. And the tablet runs on 4000 mAh Lithium – Ion battery.

Asus FonePad – Rs.12000

Asus FonePad

Asus FonePad is my favorite one. This one is the best budget tablet where you only have to pay Rs.12000 if you think the above one is costly. It is a dual sim tablet where you can also use 3G connection on the same. While the above one does not offer you 3G. Here the tablet is powered by 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z2520 Dual Core with 1GB RAMS. It runs on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system and comes with 8GB storage with 64GB expandable.

The tablet carries the same 7 inch screen where you get a max resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The display features a LED Backlight IPS Panel. Good enough for videos and for games. For camera the tablet offers 5 megapixels Primary Camera with 1.2 megapixels Secondary Camera. It runs on 3910 mAh Lithium – Polymer battery. There are ample of connectivity options on the same. The tablet is great enough for day to day usage. It is also good for multi-tasking.

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