Top 10 Features in Windows 9 we expect

Windows 9 is the upcoming new version of Windows 8. There are many feature that people would love to see in the new operating system. I am going to add a few things that will help you to find out what thing the new OS can bring or what must be included on the same. In Windows 8 when it was released in the market, it shocked people with the new UI. The first demand of people was is get the old start menu button.

So here I am going to make a list of thing that Microsoft must have added in the Windows 9 operating system. This new operating system is going to appear in the mid of next year. This is quiet counted as a early launch but it will be really surprising. This new operating system is going to be appear in the Build Developer conference 2015. Because the last time, Windows 8 was released exactly at the same time. So we might likely to be wait back to get the final release date of the same. So let’s check out the points which Windows 9 would have or can be come with it.

Windows 9


For users this is a big issue here. Buying Windows License is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here according to me Microsoft must work on the cost part. They must simply bring out the cost effective solution. The new Windows 9 must be a kind of free upgrade who already own Windows 8. Microsoft is planning to make this thing cheaper by removing its feature. And you can add them manually by buying it from the Windows store. From my point of view Microsoft must work on the cost part making windows 9 affordable for all. This is one of the biggest factor to contribute in windows success.

Battery Life:

When it comes to the portable devices like a tablet or a laptop, then battery life maters a lot. It is being found that Windows 9 will be trailed to give a long lasting battery output. For laptops it is a issue to work for longer period when the battery life is less But after adding Windows 9, there will be low applications that can cause less battery issue. By Windows 9, Microsoft is going to target ultra books and surface tablets. For long run of battery, Windows 9 update is going to bring a lot of benefits.

Desktop Only Mode:

No doubt that Metro UI will be more confusing for you to work with. But the new Windows 9 should come loaded with a desktop mode. So that if you are not happy with the metro UI you can stick with the Desktop mode. Where you can get the classic start menu button with Windows 7 type of theme. Microsoft must add this mode in Windows 9 so that users can switch between each other. The option must be added for making the UI a lot more helpful to work on.

Windows 9 Desktop Mode

The Charms bar:

Charm bar is something really new on Windows 8. I am quite sure that Microsoft is going to redesign the charm bar in Windows 9 adding more shortcuts to the same. Right now we are having the setting option there; we have keys like shutdown, restart, etc. We can also access pc settings from it. But charm bar needs a renovation here. It should be more helpful to access Windows 9 apps.


This must be lot more better this time. I had seen that virtualization is not the primary aspect of Windows operating system. If you have this feature integrated in the system then you can try using different operating system with less issue. It is quiet easier for users to use older version of Windows and compatible application on the same. It will simply boost the productivity more boosting your work. Without proper virtualization it is quiet not easy to switch among the applications.

Start button:

This time seriously Microsoft must add the start button back in the operating system. Without which it took me really long time to get adjust with the Windows 8 UI. And if Windows 9 is coming up, then the new Start Menu button will help a lot in dealing with the problem. I am quiet not able to figure out why Microsoft does not like the Start button. They are just missing a very important feature. And this is affecting the overall productivity.

Windows 9 Start Menu

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